Akira The Don & DJ Jack Nimble Will Not Be Appearing At Slam Dunk Leeds

It is my very extreme displeasure to announce that due to circumstances so far beyond our control we couldn't see them with fucking HUBBLE, DJ Jack Nimble and I are stuck in fucking Bridgwater, and will NOT be appearing at Slam Dunk Leeds this evening.

A full explanation of the whole sorry take will appear in The Tour The Tour Day Eighteen blog, which will appear shortly, as I no longer have a show to do, and can thus spend the time I would have spent entertaining the assembled thousands at the Slam Dunk dance stage writing fucking blogs.

Once we've figured out our route to Hatfield that is. Which we will be playing tomorrow. The last day of The Tour The Tour. Slam Dunk South. Let us pray to the our gods within the internets. May this be a fitting finale to an epic adventure.