Akira The Don - Be Brave

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Here you go then. A beautiful sleeve, and a full CD Quality MP3 bundle of Be Brave - The Hype Machine Number One Mega Smash from "the best gaming mixtape you'll ever hear" (tm and c. Kotaku), ATD23: The Street Fighter Mixtape.

Be Brave was the first song I wrote for the mixtape. For about half an hour it was called Superted, until - as is the way with these things - I sort of dragged the song out of the air (or idea space, or whatver you like to call it), and held it down, thrashing and wiggling about, as they do, until I could make sense of it. Then, very quickly, it became Be Brave.

I knew it was righteous straight away, but Envy confirmed it: she said it was her favourite thing I'd done. Not everyone was as immediate - my girl didn't get it until the day before yesterday! But, as IcyLiquid, a newcomer to this Don business, said on Twitter today: It's "weird." So no wonder.

It was based around a sample from the Blood On The Asphalt remix of Guile's Ending Theme, from the Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD remix project, an ambitious and accomplished fan-created project made aware to me by numerous Google searches and forums during my quest to find the best Street Fighter music out there. Forsooth:


Pretty neat, huh? The moment the chorus became the right one was when I stopped listening to the main song and focused on the fade-out. That fade-out amazed me. It was also the fade-out that made me use Auto Tune. Dry vocals didn't feel right on it. It's space music - lush, alien, digi-tal. My apologies to the Jay-Z stans, but it was entirely necessary. I had no choice in the matter. I do what I am told by the Gods, that is all. I am a humble conduit.

A humble conduit who's ace song called Be Brave go to number one!




Actually, we just got knocked off by two Kanye Wests. TWO KANYE'S!


So anyway! Two things. 1: I wanna get together some kind of visual for it, for Youtube posterity. It needn't be complicated - in fact, the less complicated the better. Ideas?

And thing 2: I am gonna focus in on two more tracks from The Street Fighter Mixtape. What should they be?

Oh, and here's an extra. It's time for you to start getting really excited about The Life Equation. Cos all this stuff? This was the warm up.