Akira The Don And The Crimea Reunite!

Clever folks will remeber last year I did a remix of The Crimea's brillaint Loop A Loop, and myself and The Women played a show with them at Bush Hall. It was accoustic and it was grayte. ANYWAY! We're doing it again, only this time it won't be accoustic.

This will also likely be Mary Turner's last gig with The Women for a while, as she's joined a girl group and is going to be a mega pop star! So I hope you can all come down and make it a great last night for her. And us.

The gig will be at the at Bush Hall in London on July 9th.

Anyway, that up there is a video of Davey Crimea Man playing a very lush and beautiful song called The Only Living Boy And Girl at London's 12 Bar in March. There's something of the Tom Waits about this song. It is fragile and gorgeous and makes my skin rush. It's possibly going to be on their next album - a demo can be heard on their MySpace.

And if you haven't got their current album, Secrets Of The Wishing Hour yet, you are foolish! It's ace! And it's free! No shit! You can get it right now here. As if you've got anything better to listen to this afternoon!