Air France - No Excuses (Akira The Don Remix)

Akira The Don - No Excuses Brand new shit from The Omega Sanction!

The all singing, all dancing, all rapping Mary Turner-assisted ATD remix of fellow SIC types Air France's gorgeous No Excuses.

Preorderers got this in CDQ yesterday (including an eary, overtly harsh mix, lucky swine), and Music Like Dirt got the web exclusive... now, here on, the full release. Download, Acapella, instrumental and wallpapers below.

You can cop a CD quality MP3 bundle including the song, the instrumental, the acapella, and the artwork at 3000 x 1875 for a mere £1.99.

You already know my second album is inches from completion, and is called

The Life Equation

And before The Life Equation comes...

The Omega Sanction

This month: Awesome mixtape/album/T-Shirt. Jewel case CD with full colour booklet and full colour T (You might be starting to get an idea of what the art's gonna look like, right?)... Preorderers get it first, at discount, and as ever, with added DOPE - like getting CD Quality MP3s of leaked tracks emailed to them as soon as I've mixed them...


DOWNLOADS (192kbps):

Air France - No Excuses (Akira The Don Remix) - Main Air France - No Excuses (Akira The Don Remix) - Acapella Air France - No Excuses (Akira The Don Remix) - Instrumental


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