AIDS Remix

Harry Morton writes: "Hello!

I was listening to some Frank Sinatra the other day and found that the intro to 'The Way You Look Tonight' is awesome, so I thought I had to use it for something. So I did:

Nothing special, an hours work or so, but just thought I may as well send it your way for your amusement.

Cheers, -Harry.

P.S. Do you usually put reverb on rap vocals?"

I don't usually. Some folks do though. Anyway. That remix is pritty lush! I like it. And since we still haven't sorted out the remix section of this site (and we have a buttload for you to hear), you should cop that in the interim. So cheers Harry Morton!

Hey, you know wehat else is lush? The 213 album. I keep coming back to it. I think it is a classic. In any genre. It is such awesome music. Really. Do not sleep (which is a hip-hop expression that menas "do not ignore", not stay awake all night eating pro plus and sweating like a fool).