Wow, I got my equipmentworking and recorded a BRILLIANT SONG in my bedroom. Wade and Sebastian assisted on the chorus you know. It is called Thanks For All The AIDS. Those of you on my mailing list will know this. You can come see us play it at our super special gig at Cargo this Friday, and you can get disscount guest list here, as I misslinked it yesterday, and you can bear in mind I won't be playing live in London again for a long while. This woman is amazing.

I know I have moaned at length about womankind's "position" in hip-hop before (it's not dissimilar to their position in most places, to be honest, but, amazingly, it's getting worse.) Please start rapping if you are a girl, and download Fruityloops and make beats, it is easy and fun and you get to communicate shit. I am sick of boys, they talk shit. Look at me. Shitshitshitshit. Somone should shoot me. Probably they will.