ADVENT DAY 4: A Christmas Don Doodle Directed By You!

So I had a lovely of day hanging out with sharks and manta rays and OD-ing on ice cream in central London with my wife and sisterinlaw and five year old niece, then I returned home in the early evening (to a very warm house, as we'd accidentally left the heating on, for which I was briefly very thankful) with no time to edit a whole video, as planned for today's Advent Gift, so, instead, I took to the internets and asked my good good people to suggest something Christmassy to draw specially. And so, the work of art you see above was boen, from this Facebook message by Alexander Shakles:

I followed the instructions pretty much to the letter, apart from the winking, which I forgot about until too late. I painted the whole thing with my Wacom DTF 510 in Photoshop, using the 12th brush on a variety of opacity and flow settings. I would have used Manga Studio, but my copy has stopped working correctly with the tablet for some reason, and I am glad, as I was forced to paint and I wouldn't have bothered otherwise.

Click here for a massive version that you can use as a beautiful screensaver on whichever sort of screen you wish, even if you have as rodonculously massive a monitor as me.

And remember! For a limited time, you can purchase your very own hand drawn Don Doodle, drawn by me and my hand, in the ATD Xmas shop for a mere £5! Jollity abounds!

Tune in tomorrow, when we will bear witness to the mighty rebirth of the Nothing Lasts Forever video, and the first-birth of its accompanying digital single bundle release...