ADVENT 6: Nothing Lasts Forever Radio Edit & Acapella Free Downloads!

The merry keeps coming! Today, Dons and Donettes, I am giving away the swear-free radio edit of Nothing Lasts Forever, AND the acapella! WOW!

Of course, its not a totally selfless move on my part. In doing this, I hope that RAJO DEEJAYS will play the song on the RAJO, and that mums and dads will play the song to their CHILDREN and that Nans who HATE SWEARING will play the song instead of WATCHING JEREMY KYLE.

This is my wish. And it is the time for wishing. Wishmass, in fact.

So have at ye!

FREE DOWNLOAD: Akira The Don ft. Envy – Nothing Lasts Forever (Radio Edit) – to play on your radio or TO YOUR NAN! FREE DOWNLOAD: Akira The Don ft. Envy – Nothing Lasts Forever (Acapella) - 96.051 BPM! to make a remix with!

And if you want the sweary version, with the B-sides on MP3 or CD or FLAC, then get ye hence to the Don Shop!

Meanwhile, I just got back from Barking, where Dr Aaron Shrimpton and I were going through the Nothing Lasts Forever video with the proverbial fine toothcomb, making sure it's as perfect as it can be. WE ARE PROFFESIONALS AND WE WILL STOP AT NOTHING TO BRING YOU THE GREATEST ART WE CAN!

So hold tight, Dons and Donettes, that beautiful vidoe witl be with you very soon.