ADVENT 5: Nothing Lasts Forever - The Single

FREE DOWNLOAD: Akira The Don ft. Envy - Nothing Lasts Forever (Radio Edit) - to play on your radio or TO YOUR NAN! FREE DOWNLOAD: Akira The Don ft. Envy - Nothing Lasts Forever (Acapella) - 96.051 BPM! to make a remix with!

Christmas number one! Christmas number ooooooone! Ring your local radio station and tell them the good news! It's Advent Day 5 on akirathedon,com, and today marks the release of the epic and tragic Nothing Lasts Forever as a single!

The follow up to Babydoll is pretty much the opposite of Babydoll, and thus right next to it on the album from whence it came, the modern classic The Life Equation. Envy put in a typically incredible performance. We wrote the song together at Don Studios III, and recorded it together at Castle Hague, and both experiences were suitably intense.

Track two on the single package is the full length, sleigh-bell infused mastered version of In The Morning, which exists in a fragmented state on The Life Equation. Also thrown in are the glorious and accmplished instrumental versions, along with a Houston-inspired radio edit.

You can buy single bundle on iTunes, in the Don Shop on MP3 and FLAC, and you can also get a very limited edition radio promo CD. Enjoy this fine release from Living In The Future!

And watch out for the video! That shit should be back tonight, bigger and better than ever(ything).

See you tomorrow for ADVENT 6! What on earth could it be?