ADVENT 19: Akira The Don - A Very Merry Ho Ho Ho (Official Video) HO HO HO GANG!

Me and Mighty Tom Coles done made you a super special CHRISTMAS POP VIDEO! It's for my Saturnalin JOY ANTHEM A Very Merry Ho Ho Ho, from my acclaimed Christmas LP Saturnalia Superman, and it is about the Christmassiest thing you will see this side of an elf birth in a toy factory deced out as a manger.

We shot it in London last week and visited a few of my favourite Christmas spots, including ridonculous toy shop HAMLEYS, where I found a load of sweet Thundercats toys to play with, and The Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park, where we met a talking tree, and loads of safe Christmas revelers who were only too happy to party with us.

Thanks to everyone who appears in the video! And thanks of course to my supremely talented DIrector of Photography, Mighty Tom Coles. Follow him on Twitter here and be nice to him, he's new in that particular town.

Right, I'm off to cook up more HO HO HO. I also intend to make one more Christmas video. But what song should it be for?