ADVENT 13: Giant Talking Christmas Tree Tells A Joke HO! HO! HOOOOOO!

That up there is a TALKING TREE, which in itself is amazing, but not only is it TALKING, it is telling JOKES! Holy CRAP!

Shot yesterday by Mighty Tom Cloes. We were making a video for track one from SATURNALIA SUPERMAN, my amazing Christmas album, which is FINISHED, and READY and OUT ON MONDAY!

Get your preorders in sharpish! There's a sneak peek at the artwork, and that first song, at the end of the video...

It was a very fun day, and I look forward to sharing the footage with you. The Christmas spirit was very much in evidence throughout London, and was a beautiful thing to be a part of.

Meanwhile on the internets, spam AI is getting yet creepier. The following spam message was left on my site this morning. Marvel at its Boweiesque powers of assimilation: wrote:

Amazing. I'll try to contain a believe that =) If you're not no matter what. It all appearance DOPE MAINLY BECAUSE FUCK nevertheless. Extremely anticipating almost the entire package.

2012 is almost here bubba. Talking trees and slang-happy virtual robots that live in the air. It's only gonna get weirder from here on in. LET'S GO!