ADVENT 12: The Xmas Caption Contest Winner Video Yeah, lookit that! Dilyan Cata Freeland's caption contest winning entry amused me so much I made little video to celebrate it.



All in the spirit of amusement, naturally, Don does not condone breaking and entering via chimneys or otherwise. Don brings the cheer and the festive. Don brings the tripple ho smackdown. IN YOUR SOCK!

Speaking of which, I spiced my first brisket today, although my wife was quick to point out that the meat was in fact top side, and £25 worth, so never mind. I was all excited because last week I didn't know what a brisket was, and was only promted to investigate the phenomenon when someone on one of my social networks suggested it as a good rhyme for biscuit.

That there is the spice, anyway, The spice was a labortious affair, as I had to smash up many pepper corns and many juniper berries. I did this with a hammer, as I am Akira The Don, and Thoir-blood runs through my veins.

And there we have the prize-winning birsket, nay, top side.

"Please watch Forks Over Knives because that brisket is going to give you coronary disease bruv :(," said my friend Di when I posted that picture on Twitter earlier. She makes a good point. I shall have to become a vegan soon enough, as I can't be arsed to get cancer, so I suppose i better enjoy all this illicit awful while I still can. Which is why i just ate a pacjet of doritos and a packet of skittles while I painted my Xmas LP sleeve. Life is as kind as you let it be, but only for as long as you let it be.