ADVENT 12: On The Roads

Animal Man - Coyote Hey gang!

I am being "strangled" by the sadists at Virgin again, seemingly, so uploading things is proving tricky. Many hours work have paid off though, and the mastered version of Joey2Tits' remix of ATD16's Bladed, from A Hard Toke In, now titled On The Roads, for reasons of sneakishness, is UP HERE FOR YOU TO HAVE! Damn, that was some buttload of commas, huh?

DOWNLOAD: Akira The Don ft Marvin & Littles - On The Roads (Joey2Tits remix) 196 kbps

Oh the glory!

Its a good day - I didn't even burn any toast. Or stub my toe. Real talk! You might think I am living the life of Riley over here, but in actual fact it is more like the life of Wile E... The Coyote. In a pink dressing gown. My clumsiness has been reaching levels of Laurelandhardian pathos. It's just like a silent movie, minus the sweet, sweet silence. I am way behind on my plan to become Ultimate. If I was calling myself Ultimate Akira The Don you might be able to do me under trades descriptions. "Don" is kinda pushing it right now.

I am at least aware though. Whooee! Go me!