ADVENT 10: Koltreg - I Don't Hate The Beatles Anymore

akirabeatlescopy2 DOWNLOAD: Kotreg - I Don't Hate The Beatles Anymore

Our transatlantic friend Koltreg, AKA Luke Herr explains:

I Don't Hate The Beatles Anymore has been recorded as part of a school sound editing project to learn the very basics of applying effects and mixing tracks in ProTools. The idea was to record a monologue that held some personal value to the person recording it and as a resident denizen of the Internet, I Don't Hate The Beatles Anymore has some good lessons on giving everything a chance or at least ignoring it instead of trashing it. The Reading was done by Rico M. (, Produced and Mixed by Luke "Koltreg" H (, with Illustrations by Blazel (

School sound editing project? You kids these days don't know how good you've got it! When I was at school all we had was recorders and some bust up violins. Pah!

For really though, excellent work gents. It sounds great, and the picture is awesome. Win!

In the spirit of giving, here's the OG, from this year's The Omega Sanction.

Akira The Don - I Don't Hate The Beatles Anymore

Produced by Akira The Don. Backing vocals by Martin Carr and Mary Wytcherly. Guitar and synths by Jeremy Allen. Keyboards by Ginge. Prgramming and sytnths by AK Donovan.