ADVENT 1: Akira The Don Christmas Cards

blobcard HO HO HO!

Christmas is go.

Every day until the day itself, I will be unveiling something festive and/or fun. Songs, videos, SURPRISES! ETC... It will be festive as heck, actually. The whole thing will finish on Christmas day with a very special Christmas mixtape, the perfect soundtrack for you present opening.

So. To start, I have been laboring for the past week on a pair of delightful Akira The Don Christmas cards! You can use these as festive desktop backgrounds, and you can buy packs of the actual cards to send to your relatives and loved ones.


They are A6 sized, an come with a handwritten festive greeting on the inside. Oh, and envelopes. And a batblob badge. Each pack contains an equal amount of Blob and Don cards.

A pack of 6 is £4.99, and a pack of 12 is £8.99.

Buy Six!

Buy 12!