Parabens pelo seu aniversario!


Parabenspara voce!


Parabens e muitas felicidades!

Either way, you are well hubba hubba every day of the year.

JTWR and I made a song today, for this Britpop sampling mixtape of mine that drops next week. The clue as to what we sampl-ed is in the title. It is well ace. Beautiful, in fact. Luscious. Rah rah rah. Big up 007 too! Wouldn't have happened without you son!

Hey, everybody gotta give massive props to Richard Bacon. Whaddya mean, Oh!/Boom! is his record of the week? YEAH THAT'S RIGHT!

I got a copy of it yesterday, oh boy oh boy, what a sexy seven inch! RrrrrrrrrrrAH!