Adam Curry Plays 'Bankers', is a G

The Podfather himself, Dr Adam Curry played an ole song of mine last night on his Daily Source Code show. Cheers Charles Quilley for the heads up (and for sending it in, you rule!). Dude played Bankers, then dropped some serious science about the over-mental, dark, terrifying fraud imposed upon us by Bankist Swine. Check it here, the whole thing deserves a listen, but Bankers is around 25 minutes. Dude goes in on this EU fuckery, Codex Alimentarius, and the removal of the double jeopardy law from the global landscape. too. He is my new hero.

I haven't listened to that song prolly since the record came out 18 months ago. It is a seriously hardcore record. It made me feel a little faint. Wow, you shoulda seen Jimmy Iovine's face when we played him that. It was our third meeting I think. He'd heard Oh!, and was pleased, then we went in there and played him Bankers and Thanks For All The AIDS. Oh, you could have heard a pin implode. I actualy thought Interscope was going to release that record!

The further I get away from these mental moments in my life the mentaller they seem.

You know, there was a weird thing about the Interscope office. I dunno if I ever mentioned it. Every time I went up in that joint and switched on my laptop, I'd get the Blue Screen Of Death, and no matter what I did, I couldn't get rid of it. As soon as I got out of the building, the thing worked.

Most odd. Odder things have happened to me more recently with computers, but I'll save those stories for another day.