Absolute Classic Masterpieces, And Other Stories

felt4 Today I have rediscovered Felt. No, not Slug and Murs, the Stalker Rappers, but Lawrence's Felt and, specifically, their amazing compilation album, Absolute Classic Masterpieces Vol.1, which I got one fine Saturday afternoon in '93 with my gardening money, along with Pulp's Intro. That was a very good day. Initially, my favourite out of that bunch was the Pulp record, but Felt grew on me. There is something awesomely tragic conjured between their shimmer guitar lines and that half-arsed Brummy crooning. This, for example, is Felt their most jaunty.

STREAM: Felt - Day The Rain Came Down

Felt released ten albums and ten singles over ten years, in an admirably OCD fashion, then split. Lawrence had another go in the early nineties with Denim, who perfectly fit the less laddish side of what would become the Britpop wave, but success remained elusive. Later on Belle And Sebastian's Stuart Murdoch came out as a huge fan, but that didn't help Lawrence's third attempt, with Go Cart Mozart, from staying as cult as cult could be. We shall see. I have a sneaking suspicion that, even if it is in creaking old age, huge sucess is on the cards for Lawrence Formerly Of Denim and Felt. I mean, come on. Imagine the young man on this song reaching a wonderful maturity:

STREAM: Felt - Dismantled King Is Off The Throne

No? Yeah? COME ON!

So, I listened to Only Built 4 Cuban Linx II for the vast majority of yesterday, and it is definitely a classic, perhaps minus a couple of the Dr Dre joints. Yeah, I know. They just don't bump as hard as, say, Scram Jones' contributions, and its the exact same beat Dre's been making since 2001 anyway. Not that it's a bad beat - it is a great beat... but it gets a little tired.

So, I have a drill today. A drill and a rack. And you can stop giggling at the back, schoolchild, for I am talking about a REAL drill with which to puncture walls (No, seriously, stop that), and a metal rack, with which ones keeps one's audio interfaces and pre-amps and things in a fine order. My studio is looking, and feeling, rather splendid right now. With any luck I'll find the time to finish some songs and get you a mixtape this week.

Speaking of absolute classic masterpieces (ha!), album plans are coming along, you'll be glad to know. No, the album didn't drop this Summer. Too bad. And I am refusing to put it out in the winter, as I am superstitious, so it will be early next year then. Which gives us time to get together lots of ace things like remixes and cartoons and videos and stuff. And don't worry - I promise to keep you entertained with songs and writing and shows and things in the meantime. I can also promise that it will be worth the wait. OK?