Aaaaaaall Niiiiiiiiighter!!!


Yep, I'm gonna be up all night finishing ATD20. YES I AM. Just like the old days. Whoooooo!

It's gonna be awesome.

Rah, if you'd like to be on ATD20, well, YOU CAN! Send me a recording of you saying "ATD20" and whatever else you like via email: akirathedon at One day I'll work out a clever futuristic way of doing it, but that day is not today.

Rah though, I have good news! I switched to a different supplier for the ATD Security shirts. They're still the same organic, carbon neutral sexy cotton (ha!), but they now come in XXL! You can order here. They'll be in next week.

Aight. Back to work. Crap, I gotta do a strip as well!