A Video For Steven

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=55mnf_unsmU Here it is then. I have been meaning to put together a visual for my tribute to The Greatest Who Ever Did It for a while now, but Kieron Gillen's inclusion of the song in his top 40 of 2009, and the revelation via Paul O'Regan that it was the only song on that list not on Youtube spurred me on.

The thing was SUPPOSED to be simple, but I ended spending till 4am last night and all day today (well, yesterday now, technically) on it. As is my wont. AND I AM GLAD I DID! Cos it's ace. So cheers Kieron and Paul!

I really should big up Clipnabber as well. BIG UP CLIPNABBER!

And while we're in the giving mood (we are, right?) someone was asking for that Sage/Babybird/Sleeper/etc mashup thing that was on Third Hand Wire Riffs and ATD19 the other day, right?

Well here it is.

Happy Wednesday!

Next: ATD20. Work has begun. I'm in a celebratory mood, and I have a deciversarry coming up. Kool Kid and P Mo know what Im talking about. WE ARE DEEP IN THIS  RAP GAME LIKE METAPHORS! Think again before you blink again!

And with that I shall  leave you with the best comment I have seen all year, found at the bottom of an article about how that hacker guy the yanks wanna lock up for 70 years found evidence of aliens and stuff in NASA's system:

"i have evidence of a conspiracy not only to cover up ufo´s and aliens but also the worldwide crisis happening today, there has been major cover ups of "aliens" visiting "our" planet. it is not our planet it is theirs and they plan to keep it that way by controlling the government, i plan to unravel more of this conspiracy and to reveal it also"

Well, what are you waiting for man? Spit it out! Sheeee-it!

PS - Christopher Lee is releasing a "symphonic metal album" in March. Are YOU?

PPS - Here's a letter Morrissey wrote to a music rag in 1978 about how The Cramps made The Police "seem like a great big sloppy bowl of mush" and how their drummer is "the most compelling in rock history.