A Thunderbolt Display is In The Box!

http://youtu.be/9YM3cLnJTYU Argh! Lookit that thing! 27 inches! 16:9 aspect ratio! 2560 x 1440 resolution! Phwoar! Amazing! It's so beautiful! It looks like the monolith from 2001 A Space Oddessy! My productivity has increased fiftyfold today! I am a machine ! I am become at one with le technologies! I am as The Singularity! HOOOO GRAAAAAGH!

Seriously, having a massive monitor is so flipping amazing. I AM VERY VERY HAPPY RIGHT NOW (and mixing a song, in MASSIVE VIEW, this easily NAVIGATING the MIX)

I have also, as you can see above, made an UNBOXING VIDEO. Unboxing videos, if you didn't know, are A Thing. A very big thing on the internets, especially with Apple stuff. My dastardly plan is that loads of UNBOXING fanatics watch my video and then listen to my music and LIKE IT A LOT, and, like, BUY A T-SHIRT. Genius huh?

Although in retrospect, I now realise it would have been a good idea to out some of my music in the flipping unboxing video. DOH. But I was so busy being fifty times more productive than usual! I didn't think!


Speaking awesome videos (we were, right?), Edward Tipping left this on my Facebook.It's a MASHUP and a NEW BABYDOLL VIDEO, and it is VERY ACE.

Damn, that was a typo and a half. You can't see it now, but instead of VIDEO I'd written BIDEO. It was also pointed out to me earlier on Twitter that I'd spelt Gonzales "Gonazles" THREE TIMES in my last post. Does that mean I'm slightly dyslexic or something? Ot just crap at typing? Or both?