A Stack of Boxes

Apologies for the lack of communique, oh my people - I have been moving house, which takes up far more of one's life than one ever seems to remember, despite one having done it more times than one has eaten hot vegetables. Enough of the ones.

So, I have yet to be set up with broadband, so stuff is likely to be a bit sketchy for a little while. Bit it is a good thing - I have a new surrounding which will spark off my brain in all manner of funny directions. Last night, for example, I got stuck in one of those nightmare vortexes - I kept dreaming, then waking up, and talking to my lover, then realising I was still dreaming, and so on, and so on, until I was utterly confused as to whether I would ever wake up, and right now I am not sure I have, although I have cleaned my old flat today, which was gruelling, and would make for a pretty crappy dream.

Anyway, I must attend to a lot of spam now. Speak soon, you.