A Plane!

Me and the Dogg were up till Sunny finishing ATD The Mixtape , and we did, and it is brilliant. Especially brilliant is the Sage/Smiths/Billy Idol/Meth/Chris De Burg mash up. And all of the Dogg's cuts. And the many many freestyles. Man, it is rad. Should be up ASAP - the lovely Melissa at PlayLouder is helping cos I'll be on a plane. A PLANE!

We are flying American Airlines. In a matter of hours. I still have a lot of CDs to run off, sleeves to make, I have to pack, sort my weed plants, website printout, do a last minute edit on 'Oh!', finish off that EES remix that's been bugging my ass, tidy, dry washing.

Blah blah.

So what? I will finish this shit. And then I will away. Akira The Don and the Birddogg are off!