A Nice Big Entry For The Weekend

First off, we all knew it was happening, but now we got proof - the CIA have been altering people's Wikipedia entries. Hoooooooooooooooooo!

Basically, some clever fucker called Virgil Griffith has sussed out some clevergeek code shit, and we can now see who edited what on Wikipedia. Which is great. You could never see who edited what in, say The Encyclopedia Britannica. Don't mean they never. No sir.


As I was saying. The CIA have been caught messing with the Iranian president's page and Hugo Chavez's amongst others. The Vatican have been messing with Gerry Adams' page and "massaged" entries on several Catholic Saints. Someone from a Israeli Government IP Address deleted the entire Wiki entry on the Segregation Wall in the West Bank, and switched it with a paranoid rant against the International Court of Justice's Ruling Regarding the Wall. The Israeli Embassy have been disappearing dead Palestinians. The list goes on!

Whatever figga. Pay attention. That's all.


Marvel Comics, the fools, don't have the balls to publish Peter Bagge's "The Incorrigible Hulk" (see above). What dicks! Look how ill that thing looks! Check a page from it here. Sample quote "slutty girl not afraid of Hulk?" HAHAHAHA!

So, I have fully failed to bring you another letters column since March, which has left me with hundreds of unanswered letters in a folder called "letters". Kinda sucks. So, what i am going to do, right now, is answer three that just came in. Here. Now. Ya diiig?

Hey I'm pissed. my 17 yr. old sister attacked me because I needed a phone number from her phone. can you give me advice on how to handle my douchebox sibling? p.s. I hope you tour in Tennessee sooner or later. it's hell to have only country music up in here...

Piemaster, 14 SPRING HILL, Tennessee

Hey Piemaster. Neat new name. Sorry to hear about your troubles. Are we talking physical attack here, or mental? And how did you go about trying to get the number? Did you Invade Her Privacy? Never invade a woman's privacy. They will have your BALLS, dude. Girls are hardcore. I suggest killing her with kindness. Be super smiley and nice to her. It will freak her out, and she will be giving you all the numbers in the world in no time at all.

Wow. Douchebox. Doss of the WEEK!

yo, man you check out Alex Jones?

if not you gottsta see his new video Terror Storm, shits real, and the beast is on the move.

when you get about hour and a half of free time watch it here

http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=786048453686176230 and check out


if you havn't yet

keep it blazing!

Donovan H

Cheers Donovan! I was listening to Mister Jones this afternoon actually, for the first time in ages. I like him. He's like Bill Hicks, if Bill Hicks wasn't all that funny and believed in God. Terrorstorm is a very good film. Matt Bellamy likes it too, and everybody knows Matt Bellamy has good taste in documentaries.


What Cribs remix are you doing? And have you done any in the past? I've been loving their 3rd album, wish I'd got into them sooner. Dunno if you've heard it but the CSS remix of Mens Needs is wicked.

Jon Barker

It was for Our Bovine Public. Or of Our Bovine Public. However you wanna say it. Dunno what's happening with it. I did one for The Crimea too, on which I rapped in Welsh! You'll like that. I might play them on next week's podcast (yeah, that's what i said).

Hey Akira!

You have been my favorite artist ever since I heard "Living in the Future" about 2 years ago. I own all your crap too! Anyway just writing to say I live in California right outside San Francisco (about 30 minutes drive) and you're welcome to come stay at my house anytime you want to. It's a nice house and I have an extra bedroom! Seriously I can't thank you enough for making music, finally something to listen to! Maybe I'm just a pansy, but I love all your "happy" songs like "Drinking Song" "Oh, what a Glorious Thing!" "Living in the Future" and the rest too. Hell I watched "My Super Ex-Girlfriend" just to hear your song! Anyway no joke hit me up next time you're in California!

Your Friend, Sleek Mouse

Damn Sleek, you make a fine offer! Me and my fine-ass girl will be coming through Cali sometime sooner-than-death... maybe we'll look you up. Anyway. Liking happy songs is pretty normal. You must be well adjusted. I applaud you. I've written a whole bunch of happy songs for my new album recently. Mainly because i have been feeling happy. WHOO! STUFF! RAH!

Akira you are not a Don you are a Liar when i see you I'm a spit in your face and out it on Youtube so all your lame ass fans can see what a fucking douche you are.


OK, that's enough of YOU!