A New Oven

Did I mention that our oven packed in about a month ago? Because it did, and we have been eating off the stove ever since. This has meant no pizza, and no pie, and a lot of pasta and noodles and chili and lightly dry-fried bagels. I had gotten pretty used to it by the end, but now we have a brand new oven and I wonder how long it will take to fill with crumbs and blackness. I must have a handheld Dirt Devil, and soon. I miss that thing. My life is all the lesser without it. The oven is being installed by my landlord and some muscular hired help. They are currently talking about contraception. I wish they would get on with it so I could have my second shower of the day and practice my raps before this afternoon's rehearsal. That stuff is important. Ask the Wu - or rather, don't ask the Wu, as they obviously partook not one single rehearsal for their Mef-less shambles at Brixton Academy the other night. One couldn't really blame them for the sound, as the sound in Brixton Academy is always a treacle thick bottom heavy sludge through which one must wade in order to find a single audible line... but they didn't help matters, with their slurred/barked delivery and refusal to engage with each other or the crowd, for the most part. The only two with any chemistry were - predictably - Rae and Ghost, who hung out together and for the most part actually looked each other in the eye once or twice. For the rest it was all seething resentment and petty one-upmanship. RZA's best rap? U God shouts all over it. U God's moment to shine? Cut the song off.

If we were to be in the mood for grumpery we might also mention stink of testosterone from the 90% male audience, and the incessant cries of "who remembers real hip-hop" from the support DJ, but we are in no such mood as it goes, and anyway, the Royal We witnessed the flipping WU, and no amount of shonky sound and onstage bickery can stand in the way of that simple, glorious, unfuckwithable FACT. So thank you Set Dressing Tim for taking me, and thank you THE WU for all the joy you have bestowed upon me over the years.