A lovely house.

Funny things we learnt today: Prince Harry has a weird sense of humour. (But so would you if your Dad wasn't really your Dad and the person pretending to be your Dad had been involved in the murder of your mother and everybody you knew knew but you had to pretend you didn't and neither did they, AND you weren't allowed to smoke spliffs or punch photographers)

Mark Thatcher is being let off with a fine because he plead guilty.

The US has given up searching for those WMD's we were lead into war over. Nobody seems to give a shit. Honestly, someone should shoot Blair in the face. I am not joking. Because he won't resign. And he will do worse in the future. In The Face

Creationism, under the hilarious moniker "intelligent design", is to be taught in American schools. A CBS/New York Times poll conducted late last year found that 65% of Americans think this should be taught alongside evolution.

George W Bush, he say, "I don't see how you can be president... without a relationship with the Lord."

In non funny news, Wade and I saw a very lovely house today. Maybe we will live in it.

Also, it has been brought to my attention that I it hasn't been "BST" since October (see below, and all posts since October). Oops.

Oh, more funny. Look what just threw itself up randomly at me on the BBC website.