A Letter From A Person

From: Mark Bell To: me

someone got shot blog I had a similar sort of night last saturday, i met up with a friend i've known since i was 5 or 6 and he was with a another friend i hadn't seen for a couple of years, originally i wasn't planning on staying out too long but we met up with some more people i hadn't seen in about 4 or 5 years, anyway had a really good time getting reaquainted and we headed to a bit of a cheesy club night where i danced like a madman until i decided it was time i went home. Then on my way out for no reason whatsoever some bloke stood in my way as i was trying to leave and started going on about how greasy my hair was and how i was a dirty hippy etc etc... he had a couple of mates with him and was clearly trying to impress them but i wasn't in the mood (having been drinking for the past 8 hours) so i just stood and stared straight at him for 5 minutes without blinking while he continued to berate me, eventually i'd had enough and decided i wanted to go home so i bitch slapped him and walked away, i was feeling quite pleased with myself at the time and hopped in a taxi with a really pleasant taxi driver who serenaded me with his singing as he drove me home, anyway i got in, managed to wake my dad up by walking into his room thinking it was the toilet (i'm currently a struggling 'artist' with no real source of income, basically without my family i'd probably be homeless) started thinking about the blokes at the club and couldn't help but feel down about it all and a bit ashamed of myself for reacting. Then in the morning i found out someone had been killed not far from where i was, he'd been out on a night out and was randomly attacked, he was punched once and his brain haemorraged, i couldn't help but feel bad about it, because for all i know the kid i bitchslapped might have felt like he wanted retribution and decided to take it out on a random stranger he didn't like the look of. I know that's probably not the case, and my paranoia was probably getting the best of me, but more often than not the worst things that happen are caused by the most stupid and insignificant events.

Anyway point is (if you managed to actually get through all that bollocks above) you are never alone, people all over the world are experiencing similar emotions and occurances on a regular basis, you have friends all over the world (even if a lot of them are creepy internet friends ; ) ) and if you ever need to get away i'm sure you have a wealth of places to stay. As for being 'an Akira the Don' they were wrong you are THE Akira the Don and whether that's a good or bad thing it doesn't really matter, you'll always be Adam beneath that, and the only people who know Adam are your close friends and family (hence why i prefer to call you Akira) Anyway hopefully that makes some sort of sense.

Enjoy the rest of your day...

Sometimes, shit like that - context - helps a whole damn lot, even if you're all fucked up in the head and acting like a freak.

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(Photo by Depsoul)