A Joke

Today I feel quite dreadful, but I am getting a lot of evil crap done, so that's something. I ran into my old pal Blake yesterday, who I haven't seen for nearly a year. In that time he's married a famous popstar, but it hasn't changed his lifestyle much, bless him. The two of them are very sweet together indeed, and I am very happy for him. In other news, it would have been my pal Wade's wedding anniversary today. Well, I suppose it still is. Anyway, may our hearts all go out to Wade, who is ace. Love is waiting somewhere for you, buddy.

It's still grey in London, which is rude of it, but what you gonna do? Cry? Maybe. I can see why people do. Wah! Wah! The grey! The grey!

Here's a joke for you: Bloke walks into a bar. Bloke gets concussion.

Boom boom!