A Diss

By The Svenhunter

"Yeah well, you went to see The Horrors, supporting The Gossip, in Hoxton, on the half-price guest list, and you thought Farris had a great voice, and that theirs was a fresh new sound, and you thought that that bint from The Gossip was hot, and that she's a soul sensation, and you tried to chat her up, but she pretended not to notice, and then one of the guys from The Horrors who's not Farris laughed at you because you were wearing an Incubus T-shirt, And then you tried to start a fight with him, and then you got thrown out, and then two of the other guys from The Horrors who aren't Farris kicked you in the ribs a few times before running away, and then that bint from The Gossip stood on you, and now you're in hospital, and you're in Homerton, because that was the closest hospital, or because your friend (who is called Chuck, even though he's not American) was drunk and drove the wrong way, and there are rats in your ward, and I'm not visiting you, because I never liked you, because you're a terrible, terrible person, and I only got you that Incubus T-shirt just to see if you'd wear it, and you did, and I laughed, but only behind your back, because I wanted to see how long you'd carry on wearing it, and you're still wearing it aren't you? Yes, I bet you are."


The new South Park was a 24 parody. It wasn't all that good to be honest. My kippers were great, but they have FUCKED ME UP, and I don't seem to be able to do anything of any use right now, which is freaking me out. I'll lie down for an hour then see if I work or not. Yes. That is a great idea. That's what my Granddad used to do. Worked fine for him. He called slippers kippers as well. "Up them wooden hills to bedfordshire!" he would bark, warmly, Brummishly. "Take of your beetlecrushers!"

Mayne, you should have seen him trying to describe a shark during a game of Articulate one time. Them were the days.