What a ragefull way to start the week! The company that hosts my website for $100 a month decided to act like the Feds and take the thing down without consulting with me first because of an "overloading node", whatever that is. As I type the thing is still down, an ugly "our website is under-construction!" countdown graphic where the world famous akirathedon.com frontpage should be. But since you're reading thus, that means it must have come back, and that is a beautiful thing. So welcome, to akirathedon.com, the best artist website in the world!

Indeed, it was a most foul and rotten start to the week. I was seething with anger all day long, as I braved a series of increasingly frustrating live chats with Hostgator, and didn't get to do any of the fun art related activities I had lined up. But then something magical happened. I clicked play on the new Lil B video, and suddenly a face that had been screwed up like a crisp packet all day was awash with smiles, beaming with joy. I was suddenly overcome with a great and powerful sense of joy and wonder. What magic that is! I am actually  in one of these accursed hats with an unhelpful Host Gator representative right now, but I have this song on repeat do I am still joyous and dancing in my swivel chair.


Thank you Based God. I don't think about it much, but maybe that's how the people who write to me saying my music has bought them joy feel. Take these kids for example, who've made a video for Living In The Future 2.5. Look at the joy in their eyes! What a bunch of Gs! I wanna hang out with them and smoke weed and hear all about their lives, and what comics they like to read. Feat your eyes on this glory, then go wag out their Youtube comments with your appreciation.



That's some fresh ATD lego up there from Dyfrig Jones. Cheers for that DJ. I think I prefer him to the one that Kitchbits made, which came in the post today in a lovely little red coffin on a necklace that was far too small to fit ver my head and had no clasp. And while it is true that me and my little brothers, being of fine Polish stock, have heads so large our poor mother used to have to cut bigger holes in our jumpers, the necklace doesn't fit on my wife's dainty skull either, so never mind that.

Envy dug up an interesting historical artefact over the weekend:

Indeed! Whilest I was recording my vocals for our smash hit collaboration Nothing Lasts Forever, Envy was making Stephen Hague's wind up robot bum Stephen Hague's wind-up sheep. To be honest, I think that's waht they're FOR, but we let Envy think she'd invented the comedy wheel anyway.