Waking up at 1pm with a weed hangover in a bed full of Pringles crumbs and ash, sun shining down on my waste-ass, How was I to know I was doing what any man should do on National Ignorance Day?

Yeah, I am so in the cognosphere, I am it.


Yeah baby, case you didn't know, today is International Ignorance Day. And how do we celebrate? Well if your G-Unit's most rubbish, Tony Yayo, you pick a fight with a 14 year old.

"G-Unit’s Tony Yayo turned himself in to New York City police on Saturday afternoon (March 24) on charges of harassment and endangering the welfare of a child. The arrest stems from an incident during which the rapper allegedly approached and slapped 14 year-old James Rosemond when they spotted him on the street wearing a Czar Entertainment t-shirt. The boy is the son of Jimmy “Henchmen” Rosemond manager for The Game and head of Czar Entertainment. According to the New York Post, Yayo spotted the younger Rosemond on Manhattan’s West 25th St. as he and 50 Cent were leaving the offices of Violator Management. At that point, witnesses say the rapper approached the boy, flashed a gun that was tucked into his waist, and pushed him up against a wall. Yayo is then said to have asked the boy his age before stating, “I don’t give a fuck how old you are - Fuck Czar Entertainment!” and slapping him. “It’s a shame that 50 Cent & Tony Yayo could feel comfortable slapping and physically attacking an innocent 14-year-old minor that they market and promote their records to.” James’ mother, Cynthia Reed said in a statement. “This is a cowardly act on my son who has done nothing to warrant the verbal and physical abuse he received . . . This should be looked as a step away from child molestation.” As Yayo was being transported from Manhattan’s 13th precinct to central booking yesterday evening, he reportedly bragged to reporters that 50 Cent would have him out of jail “by tomorrow.”

Good work Yayo! Truly that is some ignorant shit!

In other news, Lil John has gotten his minstrel ass into the Guinness Book Of World Records with his ignorant ass "Crunk Aint Dead" chain, the “largest diamond pendant” in the world. "The King of Crunk’s chain is appraised at $500,000 and has a total of 73 diamond carats. The piece was created by jeweler Jason of Beverly Hills and is 3,756 genuine round-cut white diamonds set in 18-karat yellow and white gold. The chain is 7.5 inches tall and weights 5.11 pounds. “I’m glad the Guinness World Records folks acknowledged me and my Crunk Ain’t Dead piece,” Jon says. I spent a load of money on that chain. I had no idea I would break a record and be recognized for it. It’s an honor to be included on that list. Let’s just see how many rappers try to outdo my pendant and break my record. They don’t call me the King of Crunk for nothing!”"

You tell um Jon! Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee-yah! Hey I'm listening to the Prodigy mixtape. It's brilliant. Mac 10 handle is such a classic: "I sit alone in my dirty ass room starin at candles, high on drugs. All alone wit my hand on a mac 10 handle, schemin on you niggaz. "

I love P, even though I don't believe for two seconds he could even pick a gun up, that Smurf! ROFL MAO!