A Bag Of Es And A Crow Bar

First: We're playing a free show at Brick Lane's Vibe Bar in London tonight. Me, Mary, BJ, Narstie, Little Man. Come on down! So, last night Narst, Littles and me drove into town to check Logan's Kiss FM show - Narst did an interview and spat some choice bars. Littles and me dropped a little bit on it - would have done more, but things didn't pan out like that anyway.

Still, we had fun, and were in a good mood when we got in the car and headed back to Don Studios.

Until, that is, the Police did some profiling and stopped us. They kept us there for just under an hour - Littles stood outside in the pouring rain the whole time - while they made jokes about "the fattest man in the world and the bearded lady", trying as hard as they could to get some kind of a reaction so they could cart us back to their pig pen and stick us in a box.

No chance! We were innocent men like Billy Joel, so eventually they let us get on our way. By which time the car's fan had run Little's car battery down. Push starting didn't work, so we had to try and flag down some help. Unsurprisingly, folks were reticent to stop, but eventually someone did.

And we got home.