8===========> I recorded three songs yesterday. Got three to finish today, and another two tommorrow, a bunch of drawings, and we're done.


(That was in the voice of the Kool Aid guy. Love that guy).

I've been doing BIG THINGS in the Blobblog also. Go check it out, quality entertainment.

So, I had this next to my name on G-chat earlier:


I was experimenting with smileys. I'm trying to come up with a symbol for Life, you see.

"Is that an unhappy face looking in a mirror?" asked TheSvenhunter.

"Why have you got a pierced fanny picture?" asked Luke.

Then he sent me this:

8===========> - - - -

I had never seen that one before. It's beautiful!

Symbolism is important.

So tell me - what are your favourite keyboard-created symbols?