24 Hours In Photos Sort Of

Gosh! The new mixtape is finished. What a journey these past three days have been! Wade's just gone to drop it off with the people who are going to press it up. I am going to tidy up, then I might go to the Rio and catch the late showing of The Blues Brothers, either that or I'll have a little sleep.

OK! Have some photos.

1: This Morning Aw, he's so sweet when he sobers up.

2: Brummy This is the evil Greg Smith, playing a very intense and emotional song last night. I have known him for 10 years, somehow.

3: Piper

On the left you'll see Mister David Piper pointing at Wade Crescent's eyeball. Piper made some excellent contributions to the Stunners 130 mixtape.

4: Stunning!

Here you will see a celebratory misters Crescent and The Don, listening to their new mixtape, which they have called Stunners 130, for reasons you'll discover when you hear it.

That'll do!