21010: The Competition!


It's Friday.

You can't be arsed to do your job.

You need a reason to waste your time.

I give you a reason:




Yes, it's competition time.

You can win:

1st prize: A PAIR OF DON SHOES!

Runners up will win prizes including: T-Shirts! The Omega Sanction, Thieving & Stunners 130 on CD! Stickers! badges! MP3s! Doodles! Etc!

So, what do you gots to do?


I want YOU to name the songs featured in my 210 songs in 10 minutes record breaking ultra-mix.

Leave them in the comments, or post them on Twitter with the following hashtag:

#21010 http://bit.ly/2mis67

The 1st prize winner will be the entrant with the most CORRECT guesses (limit yourself to one guess per post/tweet so I can calculate easier!). HOWEVER! I am not expecting a single individual to name them all. Between you all, I suspect you might come close. Only together are we that awesome. So I will be adding all the names of CORRECT entrants to a digital hat, and picking a winner an hour for the rest of the day. Those winners will then go into another digital hat, where their prizes will  be worked out randomly.