#21010 - And The Winner Is...

winners Oh boy, it's looking close right now! Two of you are running neck and neck. However, now I gotta deduct points for mistakes...

Hold tight!

Actually, these mistakes are making it closer still. It's now potentially between three of yers...

Hold tight!

I can now reveal that, true to his name, @DaveIsAnIdiot got the most WRONG!



We're ready. (Well, I'm ready. No one's helping me out here.) I have gone through all your #21010 entries, added  up the scores, deducted points for fuckups, and can now tell you who the winners are.

Classy methods

The winners (and you are ALL winners!) are, in reverse order...

Joey2tits – ½ (Got Running Up That Hill right, failed to mention who it was by)

Mankauf, Tulip & DJMissFrenchie – 1

Peepeepeepeep & TheCrackedActor – 3

Raydome – 5

Koltreg – 5 ½ OG score 6. Minus for ½ "Vanilla Ice – Anything Less Than The Best Is A Fellony"

Chrisisis – 7 OG score 7 ½. Minus ½ for Tone Loc – Wild Thing

Dr Kokain – 8

Brejep – 14 OG score 16. Minus 1 for "So Solid – 21 Seconds" & mMinus 1 for "Rockwell – Somebody’s Watching Me". I should aput that in though, damn.

ChristVon – 18

OG score 20. Minus 1 for "T.I. - Rubber Band" & minus 1 for "Rob Zombie – Never Gonna Stop"

DaveIsAnIdiot – 26 OG score 32! Dave wins Most Wrong Answers. Well done Dave! Minus ½ for "David Hasselhoff - Jump In My Car", Minus ½ for "MC Hammer – Hammer Time", minus ½ for "Wu-Tang Clan – Shimmy Shimmy Ya", minus ½ for "The Klaxons – The Bouncer", mMinus ½ for "U2 – Living Without You", mMinus ½ for "Kelis – Baby I’ve Got Your Money".

Lee Spoons – 42

OG score: 45. Minus 1 for "Take That – Back For Good", mMinus 1 for "Cookie Crew – Got To Keep On", minus 1 for "Bart Simpson – Deep Deep Trouble".

Hunchbakk - 56 OG score: 58 ½. Minus 1 for "Tiffany - I Think We’re Alone Now", minus 1 for "The Beatles – Dear Prudence", minus ½ "Eels – Me E’s Beautiful Blues"

AND THE WINNER IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cripes On A Friday – 61 ½

OG score 63. Minus 1 for "Kylie – Can't Get You Out Of My Head", minus ½ for that "AIDS video only" weirdness, minus ½  for "Snoop - The One And Only" (did Snoop do a Chesney Hawkes cover I've never heard of?!), minus ½ for "Wade Crescent & Akira The Don – Go DJ".

So there you. Congratulations CripesOnAFriday. YOU WIN! You should celebrate!


Hell, there were a couple of herculean efforts in there. Hunchbakk, brother, you did awesome. Fuck it. You're all winners! You don't all win shoes, them shits are too rare and expensive... but you win something. Even Joey! So send me an email - akirathedon at googlemail.com - with your name, address, T shirt size, etc, (Cripes, I need your shoe size) and I'll see what we can do for y'all.

F! T! W!

Oh, yeah. Agter all that, I guess you want the REAL lost of songs?


It's over here, down the bottom. You can also download the mix, from the same location. GET IN!