14 Bar Sweat Shop!

Neon Neon and The Magic Numbers team up in London Gruff Rhys and Boom Bip invite indie stars on stage Mar 21, 2008

Neon Neon were joined by Romeo Stoddart and Angela Gannon of The Magic Numbers last night (March 20) for their live performance in Room Two of the Fabric nightclub in London.

The band, comprised of the main songwriting duo of Super Furry Animals’ Gruff Rhys and Boom Bip, included Cate Le Bon playing various instruments, and saw London solo artist Akira The Don come onstage to provide vocals for ’Sweat Shop’.

The band played songs from their new album ’Stainless Style’, including ’I Lust U’ and ’Belfast’, with the aforementioned members of The Magic Numbers providing vocals for set closer ’Stainless Style’.

Cheers for having me Neon Neon! It was very random, and I had a lovely time. The Magic Numbers people were very nice too.

So! I have the Gonzales album now. A very nice man who I shall not name just in case sent it me. I asked him where he got it.

"Strange one that," he wrote. "at work today I found a small cuddly toy (a sheep called Thomas) with a blue cdr taped to him. The disc had Gonzales - SP written on it. I asked about the office but nobody new anything about it so I checked the contents of the disk and thought "I know a man who will want this". I burned a copy and stuck the cdr back on the mysterious Thomas and left him as I found him."

Pretty awesome non? Anyway. I am fucking loving this record! If he wasn't going to make another rap album, this was the album I wanted him to make. Its got sax solos! It is lush!