One: Bulldog Broadband are assholes and I am canceling my direct debit, They have wasted 5 hours of my week, and have ensured I do not have broadband at my happy new home and shall not for ages. This is hampering my work to a crazy degree and I am livid. Two: That I rely so much on the internet is a worry.

Three: Wiley has quit rapping.

Four: Bill Gates and his evil crew have upped their spamming campaign to crazy new levels. It is disturbing me immensely.

Five: It was Jeremy's birthday on MONDAY. He is STILL drunk. Expect the celebrations to go on for a while, still.

Six: The Hypocrite video is coming along excellently.

Seven: The ATD headline show at London's 93 Feet East will be a different affair to usual. It will be me and some of my rapping friends, performing songs from the mixtapes. If you have any requests, leave a comment below, and we will see what we can do.

Eight: I haven't read a newspaper, or a news website, in what seems like a month. If any of you bright spark fancy filling me in, in a sentence, please do so, again, in the comments section below.

Nine: I am going to be in Berlin in the latter half of February. I shall bring a mike and a laptop, in case anyone wants me to busk for them.

Ten: My Grauniad blogging continues.

Eleven: Keith, I found my digital pen, I shall do your tattoo this week.