1 2 1 2 Yes (Doom)

doom Sheeeet, it's Tuesday already and I haven't written you one of my excellent letters. I'm sorry baby. I've been going in on The Omega Sanction. (And no that link doesn't mean I'm doing that song, I just decided to link a gang of stuff in this post for no other reason than I just decided to).

Ur, yeah. See, that miserable sinusitis swine that took a hold of my face seven days ago cut a whole week out of my recording schedule, so I'm doing two weeks worth of vocals over the next 4 days, which is lots of vocals. I may not have time to get my ass down to X's shoot tomorrow, but then I did promise, so, hell. Late one tonight.

I did just wrap the penultimate track, sequencewise. It was an accident, and can be traced to an microblog conversation. Funny how that goes. Anyway. yeah. lots to do this week. Lots and lots. Still. We're thinking of having a party to celebrate the mixtape's release. Who wants to come? What would you like to happen at it? Should there be balloons?

Questions, questions. You know what I miss? That bit at the start of all my old posts that said: "Listening To". Zef lost that in the reshuffle. I might try and bring it back. I am listening to Clannad MF Doom right now (takes me that long to type huh? Well, no, I get distracted) He just said something about a dipstick. It's those little things that make me smile. He's got a new album imminent, by the way, and he's dropped the "MF". The internet told me, and the internet never lies. Apparently there's some Bukowski shit on there. Well there's some Bukowski shit on The Omega Sanction too. I am re-reading that Dirty Old man book right now. It's not as great as Hot Water Music, but that's like saying Diamonds In The Mine isn't as great as I'm Your Man, if you get me.

You know what my favourite MF Doom record is? The King Geedorah one. he hardly even raps on that one, and its not even like I hate his rapping or anything, or even that I particularly like all the guest emcees on there. I just fucking love the music. Chopped up samples, and the most gorgeous of melody threads throughout. This one's particularly lush.

Peace to all my people in N.I..  Peace to all my people everywhere, for that matter.

You know, I have not personally been involved in any violence for so long, I can't remember when it was. Which is strange now I consider it, as violence was a pretty much daily occurrence in my life for over half of it. I so do not miss it at all. I really really really love my peaceful life.

OK. That's enough of me.

Back to work, and lemon pie.

PS - Sean just pointed out that copy pasting any of my page addresses into Google Chrome results in that annoying bollocks message. I have no idea why, as you can find the page you want when you search, and it has the same address that doesn't work when you enter it manually. Anyone else come across this?