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Netflix Cylon Face

OMFG its my face as seen by the crappy front facing camera on my One X. GOOD BLOGGING SIR DON!

Why thank you.

So, I did a pretty random Doncast on Saturday, without much warning. It was fun, actually. I played unreleased music, including a song me and Envy recorded that very afternoon. Did you catch it? Was it fun? Would you like more?

If I have time I hope to do one on my next cross water jaunt in a week and a half. I wonder how any episodes of Battlestar Galactica I'll have watched by then. Since hacking myself a US Netflix line up a few weeks back I've merked my way through 2 seasons. It is some pretty amazing and harcore shit. Synchronistically as ever, it appears to be riffing on astrotheology, something I'd been investigating recently. Anyway, no spoilers please. And fuck Pegasus. Amen.

PS - if you're wondering how to get US Netflix outside of the US, and you haven't worked out how to ask Google, here's a video explaining the process for those that access Netflix via a console (like me, who has it connected to a projector like a boss). It's super easy, just go into the settings and change the DNS codes. These are working well at the moment:



If you use a laptop, a pretty easy way of doing it is to use something like Tunnelbear, which one simply installs, then tells what country one wishes to appear to be browsing from. That thing is also super useful for being able to watch American web based MTV shit like Riff Raff at the VMAs, and The Daily Show.

You're welcome!

PPS - Yes, I know all the text on the site is in italics right now. I haven't worked out how to stop it as of yet...

PPPS - if you missed it in the BlobBlog, I thoroughly recommend the new Lil B record. It sounds like The Lemonheads, which is amazing.

Akira The Don x Time - Full Metal Alchemist (i Walter White) PSYCHEDIGITAL MUSIC VIDEO) "I Alchemy... I Alchemi... I cook, I chef, I Walter White"

YES! Celebrating the birth of the final season of Breaking Bad today, after months of trans-atlantic digital graft I am proud to present to you, the FULL METAL ALCHEMIST VIDEO!

The video is a psychedigital trippy pop art masterpice, packed with DRUGS and GUNS and FOOD and WEIRD RED STUFF shot on location in Nu Olypia, London and Denver, Colorado... the UK bits were shot by Tom Coles (Scroobius Pip, Beardyman, B Dolan) and the US bits by Trenton Cotten (just done the new Young Jeezy flick). Directed and edited by ME, word famous polymath AKIRA THE DON.

Full Metal Alchemist was performed by @akirathedon and @timeraps Produced by Akira The Don From ATD26: Manga Music out now on CD, digital, and NEW limited edition 10" print.

FULL METAL ALCHEMIST The Alchemical Psychedigital Music Video

Shot on location in Nu Olympa, UK, and Denver, Collorado. Directed and edited by Akira The Don ATD shot by Mighty Tom Coles Time shot and edited by @TrentonCotten Additional filming by Christina Ryder Guest stars @littles_life@AwareNess0

Time says: "Shout out to my cat Elliott, Dan Banta, and AwareNess for pushing that red."

ATD says: "Shout out Time, trenton and crew for making transatlantic magic and my Alchemical London peoples Tom and Litts for bringing the Bokonon vision to Nu Olympia."

I would also like to shout out my peoples at Southern Hopitalty whose immediate support of this tune put the thought of the video in my head.

I hope you enjoy it! It is PACKED WITH MEANINGS! Collect them all!

Based Boss And The Alchemical Meaning Behind We Won't Be Broke Forever Baby

That's me being amazed by the glory of the UNKILLABLE THUNDERCHRIST print, a thing of gargantuan beauty that measures a whopping 10" square, comes with a lovely matte finish that stops light reflecting off it meaning you can enjoy it from all angles even in extreme lighting conditions, and can be ordered from my shop right now for the incredibly low price of ten (10) english pounds, which is $15 (fifteen) in Americana. AMAZING! This will go in the post tomorrow, along with the UNKILLABLE THUNDERCHRIST CDs, which I had hoped would go out while I was in the USA, but did not, for reasons far too boring to go into here. Suffice to say it will be worth the wait and I got the candies - as my dear Yankee chums call them - in.

YES! Hold tight for the big photo stuffed blog depicting the final third of my US adventures, along with the artistic spoils of said excursion, like those songs and that video I shot with Issue. Here's a nice picture of us at the video shoot. Note the fitting sign above our lovely heeds.

Yeah, we were swagging hard. And speaking of the Bay, I just got an email from someone at Billboard, who thinks I run Lil B's record label.

How weird is that? It reaises an intesrting and pretty amazing point though: Lil B described this record as a classical album, despite it being performed entirely on synths and sounding more like New Age relaxation music, and for that reason alone, it's appearing the Billboard classical music charts this week. Absolutely amazing reality creation from the Basedgod there. I raise all of my hats, including this one, which is probably the illest hat in the Uk since I bought it back.

Yes, yes, yes and YES. That hat is almost as good as Andy Falkous from Future of The Left's open letter to the guy at Pitchfork who gave his album a bad, and factually inaccurate review.

...On 'robocop 4 - fuck off robocop' we will simply have to agree to disagree. However, if it is truly amongst the worst songs of the year then I am a giant bat and Pitchfork a cave into which I will shit golden effigies of your face.

Seriously, go read it right now, it is amazing, and probably the best music writing I've read since something Swells did in 96. Incidentally, I once described Andy Falkous in print as looking exactly like Steven Wells in my 5 star review of the first Mclusky album, which is probably why I got a thank you on their second album. See, my music journalism career wasn't all Wu-Wear and Acid.

"As for the cover, well, there’s a penguin on it you stupid cunt."

Hey! Speaking of clever politically aware musicians, here's a lovely photo of my homie Time, with whom I made the modern classics Full Metal Alchemist and Too Sweet To Be Sour, all suited and booted and smiling next to the good Dr Noam Chomsky, who liked one of his articles (he writes articles on politrickery and whatnot as well as the dystopia-rapping) so much he invited him to come and speak with him the other week.

To that, I will raise a bowl of strawberries and a bottle of water. CHEERS!

Oh, finally, I got the following letter from a new listener:

I replied by informing William that the song was pretty self explanatory, then suggesting he read the lyrics on my website, as sometimes people can't understand what I'm saying cos I say it so fast. It later dawned on me, hoever, that as a new listener, William might not have the level of context that say, I do, and people who've been with me since Living In The Future or even earlier have. See, William, I was, as the song says, always broke, from birth in fact. As recently as this song I was scrabbling down the back of the sofa for pennies when the electric went. Brokeness, once one is past the crawling stage anyway, is as much a mental trap as anything, and I wrote the song as a kind of magical sigil, designed to work continuously on a subconscious level, in order  that its joyous existence in the world would help bring material wealth in my direction, so that I might live a free, and less stressful life, and keep my woman in a manner more desserving of a creature so beautiful as she.

Thusfar it's been working pretty well. I am about three times as well off monetarily as I was when I wrote it. True story! The solid gold house is not yet in my possession, and "some dope film" has yet to use the song, but I believe it to be close. I had an email from my publisher just the other day saying he'd had a number of LA based music supervisors in touch extolling my virtues. Just look at LiL B and his classical album. We are the architects of our destiny. And my destiny has a libary full of so many comics I'll need a lader just to get to the S section in it.


I Got 99 Acapellas And I Don't Say Bitch In One. I Think.

I've had lots of people asking me for acapellas lately, so I have had a little splurge and uploaded a bunch. I haven't found anywhere official to house them on the site yet, so here will have to do. I am going to add some more over the next few days - and find somewhere official for them to live - so let me know in the comments or via The Channels what songs you'd like acapellas for.

DOWNLOAD: Akira The Don - Fist of The North Star ft Littles Acapella DOWNLOAD: Akira The Don - We Won't Be Broke Forever Baby ft Gruff Rhys Acapella DOWNLOAD: Akira The Don - I Am not Dead YEAH Acapella 105 DOWNLOAD: Akira The Don - Nothing Lasts Forever ft Envy Acapella 105 DOWNLOAD: Akira The Don - Video Highway Acapella DOWNLOAD: Akira The Don - We Are Not Alone Acapella 125


So, yesterday DC's new toilet-lid logo had me choking up my casserole, and today it's Jay-Z, who has reportedly written (or most likely dictated, since he hates pens) a wovewy ickle poemy weomey about how he's not going to say mean things about ladies anymore since he's just spawned one. It goes a little something like this:

"Before I got in the game, made a change, and got rich/I didn’t think hard about using the word bitch/I rapped, I flipped it, I sold it, I lived it/Now with my daughter in this world I curse those that give it/I never realized while on the fast track that I'd give riddance to the word bitch/To leave her innocence intact/No man will degrade her, or call her name/Forever young you may pass/Blue Ivy Carter, my angel."

If true, this is a level of fuckery hitherto unimaginable in rap. Is Sean Carter really saying that, despite having enjoyed the company and the love of a mother and a beautiful wife, it didn't occur to him that disrespecting females might be the opposite of the righteous path until he actually sired one of his own? That it was not until he saw those big brown eyes peering back into his, those little camel nostrils flexing in rhythm with his own, as if looking into some sort of magic mirror, that he though, "sheeeee-it, this is one of those Bitch things I've been hating on and mocking in my excellent and clever raps all these years? But it's so much like me! How coud I possibly disrespect something so much like me? I must stop at once! Especially as I don't really need to call anyone a bitch anymore so as to appear hard and street, since I am a legitimate business man these days and I hang out with Donald Trump and Bono who neither expect nor require me to call anybody a bitch. Or a ho. Amen."

The credibility of the source is suspect, however, as the source is the NME, who have not been shy about making things up in the past (word to Morrissey). If false, Jay-Z will have to sue, else open himself up for a future plagued with god-awful poetry accredited to his name spattering the internet like flecks of baby sick. "No your honour," he will say, "I do not intend on ceasing my use of the word bitch at all, despite having fathered female young. It is a goodly word and perfectly suits my descriptive purposes. As I said on my song with Kanye West, 'That's My Bitch', a bitch is a dog and a dog is an animal and an animal is nature and nature is beautiful so actually it's a compliment. Neither will I cease to refer to young ladies as hoes, your honour, for hoes are real, and it would be remiss of me to pretend otherwise."

EDIT: The poem was indeed bogus, as confirmed by this Tweet from The Roots' Questlove:

What a funny old world it is. Thank goodness for Lil B. We're this close to a rap Glad To Be Gay at this point, and it couldn't have come a moment sooner.

Speaking of which, the author of that mighty anthem, one of my childhood heroes, Tom Robinson, give Video Highway the thumbs up this morning:

Thank you Tom! You are a legend and I am truly honoured!

I was on Tom's show a few years back. I did a live version of Thanks for All The AIDS with Joey Driscol doing beatbox. I wonder if it's out there on the internets anywhere. A shiny ATD T-shirt to the brave soul that can find it for me! Go!

Right, I must dash, I have a video script to finalise. We Won't Be broke Forever, the third and final act in the Life Equation Trilogy is coming on february 6th!

I will leave you with this beautiful little story, from my Facebook page.


Happy Eleven Eleven Eleven!

Happy Eleven Eleven Eleven, gang!

How are you gonna mark this auspicious occasion? How about listening to the new R Kelly song on repeat all day? It is a work of genius, after all.

Me and the wife are celebrating by getting in the Silver Saab and aiming the beast in the direction of North Wales. We have the Alan Partridge autobiography and some Red Ices to listen to, so it will be a pleasant journey no doubt.

I am excited to be taking a break, and a a little sad, like always, as I am right in the middle of making lots of things. I am nearly done with the second Manga Music mixtape video. Here's a still from it, it's very colourful considering it was shot at night in Brixton.

I also started work on the next Akira The Don project this week. The Spirit Of Adventure - Joey2tits, Euro Jim form bangor, and myself - reconvened for the first time since Aim For The Brain to work on some - wait for it - CHRISTMAS MUSIC.


I am pretty excited, I gotta say. I've been wanting to make a Christmas record for many years. Now is the time. I can feel it. Oh, and look at that sweet T-Shirt Joey got me! How awesome is that? THANKS JOEY!

Heralding Christmas season will be the release of video one of The Life Equation Trilogy, Nothing Lasts Forever, which drops at the top of the month. Starring me and Envy, and directed by Dr Aaron Shrimpton, I saw the first edit yesterday and it bought tears to mine yes. It is a thing of great beauty, pathos, and wonder, and I can't wait for you to see it.

Speaking of Youtube (kinda), I just swung by my inbox, which I don't do all that often, and I got the following:

gamerfromtoday has sent you a message:

english military? To:akdonovan

hey akira i was looking alot about england and watching lots of bbc( doctorwho, being human, and bedlam) i wanted to visit england before i start college i wanted to see the sites maybe visit some friends and i had a question do u know know if the S.A.S is real and wat it requires to join

Well, there's a question I never considered I might be asked. And to answer your question brother Gamerfromtoday, the S.A.S. is indeed real, but I have no idea what is required to join. I believe one has to Dare, and as a consequence, Win. Can anyone out there help brother Gamerfromtoday? Personally, I wish you all the luck in the world with your quest, and when you come to England, why not make the trip left and check out Wales while you're at it? Go North. Shit looks just like Lord Of The Rings.

Oh, and guess who got a totally unexpected DM from The Based God yesterday after I poinbted out on twitter that he's the most influential rapper of the past year easy and his (and CLams Casino's) sound is all over Drake's Take Care?

This week is bless-ed.

The Most Horrible So-Called Mashup of All Time

As you may know, sometimes I help my buddy Jeres out with the quiz he does at Pub On The Park in London Feilds, called Electric Quizzard. I DJ, do a round of questions, and "the mystic mashup", which I always knock together at the last minute in a frenzy. Yesterday's was particularly frenzied, and deeply, deeply horrible, so I thought I'd upload it for you to listen to and see if you can work out what the hell went into it (I also promised one of the quiz attendees I would, as she, quite strangely, liked it).


What a cacophony, huh?

So, yeah, answers in the comments section as to what the hell that was made up of. There are 9 songs in total. I want the artist name and song title, and for a bonus point, you can tell me what key it's in.


I am a great quiz person. Two of my questions were about Lil B, and one of them went a little something like this:

Which of the following isn't a Lil B line?

  • hoes on my dick cos I look like Jesus
  • hoes on my dick cos I look like the Frenchman
  • Hoes on my dick cos i laugh when they're shopping
  • I'm paris hilton, bitch I'm paris hilton

If you know the answer to THAT you can leave it in the comments as well.

To be honest, I was so annoyed with how long it was taking to prepare for the quiz I was going to hand in my resignation, but then I had loads of fun, like I always do, and remembered that it is a thing of great joy to have a little hobby to share with ones' friends outside of ones' work, so I shall be back for the next one, whenever that is, and you should all come cos its dead fun and you might win £50, or a bottle of champagne, or an ashtray with some big lips on it.

Speaking of non-work related fun, BJ's taking me to see Crispin Glover tonight. He's showing his un-showable 2007 opus It Is Fine! Everything Is Fine at the Phoenex Cinema in East Finchley. I used to live in East Finchley, many moons ago when I was a "music journalist" and always had a bottle of liquid acid in the leg pouch of my Johnny Blaze jeans. I was an affront to the general decency of the community, living in a house far too nice for me and having far too many loud and decadent parties that tended to start at around 4am when we got back from the club and end 24 hours later when we ran out of puff.

Yes, those were definitely some days, but I don't know if I'd put a "the" in front of them. Either way, Crispin Glover ceratinly acts like he knows the inside of a bottle of liquid acid pretty well, and I am looking forward to tonight very much. He's doing Q and A afterwards, so if anyone has any questions they want me to ask him, do let me know.

Finally, in case you hadn't noticed I have upped the clean version and the instrumental of me and Joey and Envy's pop smash I Am Not A Robot here, so go and download and hassle your favourite DJ to play it, because its amazing and I haven't got a radio plugger yet.


Boys, Back, In, Town


No, really. I did. Oh You Tee. In Old Street. Many reunions. And a mission to NOT GET DRUNK AND WRITE OFF THE WEEKEND. Could it be done?

Well, it started with the gym. Actually, it started with me rushing out the house late for the gym, then getting upset cos I hadn't had time to put Jackie Chain's Haze on my Z Phone, and that was what I wanted in my ears. Then I was like, HANG ON, I AM IN THE FUTURE, so I pulled it up on Youtube on my phone while I waited for the train to come. Then I downloaded it on the bus. It took less time to download than it took to write a tweet about how I was downloading it.


Yes. So I was in a good mood when I met Jeres outside the gym, and we did 300 reps on The Machines and 100 sit ups on the big bouncy balls, then we went back to Jeres' gaff, where he made me fried haloumi baguette and I schooled John Doran from The Quietus on Lil B, swag, cooking, and Alabama hip-hop. I know my shit. He was appreciative, and I felt like a fountain of knowledge, which is a good feeling. Henrik Palmgen must feel great all day, that dude is like a little Swedish encyclopedia.

Oh, and Jeres has, typically for Jeres, become a filthy gym addict. He's a member of two gyms now, and goes at lunchtime and in the evening. He is on some three month quest to become a HENCH MAN. Not a henchman, that wouldn't suit him. He's more supervillain material really.

Anyway. Serendipitous synchronicity occurred in the Old Blue Last, when I bumped into one of my new PR dudes after just finalising the deal with his boss a few hours earlier. We were in the Old Blue Last to see my old buddy Nik Moore, himself a press officer, one of the first people who kinda took me under his wing a bit and gave me advice and stuff when I came to London. He used to look after Motorhead, and always PRed mental rawk bands called things like Powerhawk. On this particular occasion the band he had playing was called Turbowolf. You couldn't make it up. Or maybe you could. I sometimes think Nik Moore creates these outfits by sheer will. This lot were a swirling frenzy of tie-dyed eyeball vests and 70s moustaches. Their amp kept blowing up, but they crowdsurfed regardless. And this was the top room of a pub, one must doff one's cap in such instances.

Never mind that though, guess who's back?

Lacey's back.

Mister Lacey. Back. From his 4 year adventure in Los Angeles after a spectacular clusterfuck of a breakdown of the life he'd built for himself. He met us outside the pub with his trusty steed JCB in tow, and it was like he'd never left, bless his heart. He was wide eyed, head spinning like a top. "Where are all the hot Mexican chicks?" he kept stammering. "This is weird!"

Down the road, at Camp, the Southern Hospitality boys where hosting the second Player's Ball, and they'd promised me they'd play that Jackie Chain record if I came.  So off we went. Pixel was in Camden celebrating his birthday, so we hollered at that lot and lo they came too. So there was a big ass mob of us hanging out by the cloakroom, going apeshit every time a banger came on, which was roughly every 3 minutes.

The Players' Ball is the club night I've been wanting in London as long as I can remember. They play those great big down South ANTHEMS I love so dearly. They play relatively obscure mixtape tracks. They play Waka Flocka Flame and Rick Ross and Cam'ron and UGK. Hell, they even dropped a lil' Lil B in the early part of the night. I was in swag heaven. I spent a great deal of the night stood on a chair so I could talk to ten foot mountain beast Tego Seigel about rap music while I did my Don Dance (I shall have make one of those instructional videos for Don Dancing one of these days, but it basically involves working your elbows and your shoulders and rocking what Pixel calls "and edgy pout"). I did a lil' bit of cooking too.

Yeah, we had a grand ole time. And guess what?

Two whiskey and cokes and one shot of something aniseedey.


I did miss my stop reading about a Ja Rule video on my Z Phone (yeah, I know), necessitating a half hour walk home in the drizzle. But I enjoyed that.

Saturday I spent working my ass off till 5 am and listening to the new Yelawolf/Trae Tha Truth record on repeat.

And Sunday?

Sunday saw the musical reunion of me, Lace, and Pix.




Looks like ATD25 is go. I wasn't planning on that just yet, to tell you the truth. But according to this text file I've got on my desktop, I'm 5 songs deep already. DAMN!

PS: OK, you eagle eyed winners can buy that incredible and legendary ATD1 T shirt. YESSSSSSSSSSSSS!