ADVENT 19: Akira The Don - A Very Merry Ho Ho Ho (Official Video) HO HO HO GANG!

Me and Mighty Tom Coles done made you a super special CHRISTMAS POP VIDEO! It's for my Saturnalin JOY ANTHEM A Very Merry Ho Ho Ho, from my acclaimed Christmas LP Saturnalia Superman, and it is about the Christmassiest thing you will see this side of an elf birth in a toy factory deced out as a manger.

We shot it in London last week and visited a few of my favourite Christmas spots, including ridonculous toy shop HAMLEYS, where I found a load of sweet Thundercats toys to play with, and The Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park, where we met a talking tree, and loads of safe Christmas revelers who were only too happy to party with us.

Thanks to everyone who appears in the video! And thanks of course to my supremely talented DIrector of Photography, Mighty Tom Coles. Follow him on Twitter here and be nice to him, he's new in that particular town.

Right, I'm off to cook up more HO HO HO. I also intend to make one more Christmas video. But what song should it be for?

Up Loads The Manga Music

Ola brothers and sisters! ATD26 - Manga Music is uploading! NOW! And has been since YESTERDAY! YESSS!

2 days this has taken! Ah, I remember when i invented the only mixtape, and all you had to do was render a 68kbps MP3 file and upload it via Cute FTP. Now one has to encode a single stream MP3, separate single track FLAC, MP3 and video files... each of which require uploading to multiple places - Soundcloud, Ecwid, Youtube, etc - with multiple instances of metatdata, artwork, etecetera etcetera... I have been doing this metadating process now for 36 hours or something, and there are a few left... but I am still confident of getting it into your ears on the 24th of October, as promised. In fact, if you preordered, its winging it's way to you right now...

Hmm. Now I think of it, back in the 68kbps Cute FTP days it took two days to upload a single MP3. We sure have come a way since 2004.

Speaking of which, superstar comix and film auteur Alex de Campi is making a follow up to her Eisner award nominated Smoke, and is founding the art process via Kickstarter. I ordered the $30 hardback package. GET IN THERE SONS AND DAUGHTERS! For it is the path of the righteous.

The soundtrack to all this rendering, aside from Manga Music itself, has been mainly Riff Raff and TK Capone. Oh, and I was listening to the following interview with Pepe Escobar earlier, it was very interesting indeed.

PREORDER Manga Music! Digital, CD, T-shirt and HOODIE!

I have been working on this for a long time. Since June, in fact. And now, as the last rays of summer envelop England, I can reveal the title of the next Akira The Don release:


Out on OCTOBER 24th on Living In The Future. 15 all-new songs inspired by the myriad releases of Manga Entertainment. Available to preoder now on MP3, FLAC, CD, T-shirt, and HOODIE.



Brothers and sisters! I am hyped and excited to present to you, the AKIRA THE MANGA MUSIC HOODIE! £30!

It's the the very first Akira The Don hoodie, designed to your specifications! Classic black, zip up luxurious Gildan cotton with the Living In The Future logo on the breast and the all-new Akira The Don Manga Music logo on the back in white and red.

Comes with a free digital download of ATD26 - Manga Music and a ACE BADGE.

The first 30 preorders get one of the 30 original "The Don" logos hand painted on A4 printing paper by Akira The Don with authentic japanese caligraphy brushes, the finest elements of which were used in the final logo, designed by world famous graphic design superstar and brother of The Don, Zef.

Also availiable to preorder now is the AKIRA THE DON MANGA MUSIC T-Shirt! £10!

And the MANGA MUSIC radio promo CD! - £5

And MANGA MUSIC CDQ MP3 download! - £3.99

And the MANGA MUSIC FLAC download! - £4.99

There will also be a FREE 192kbps MP3 download for the poverty stricken.


Get the hoodie, the T-shirt, the CD, Badge, and hand painted Don logo for just £40!


OCTOBER 24th! Hold tight for video and audio preview, uploading now!

The Beast Of Zef

Zef? ZEF? Who is Zef? You know Zef. Zef is my little brother. Zef made all the Akira The Don websites, and animated the first Akira The Don videos. Zef was never fat. Zef was my second guest on The Doncast this week, and you got to see him dancing and hammering my soundboard. Zef invented Zef, not Die Antwoord.

These days he lives in Falmouth with his common law wife where he attends graphic design college and spends his leisure time crab fishing and singing in a Sea Shanty troupe. He's staying with me right now whist he attends a work placement with Brand Union by day, and works on The Best Artist's Website In The World, 5.0 by night. Right now he is attending his FIRST EVER after-work drinks. He says he'll only be "a few hours" late. WE SHALL SEE! I've been getting that one off of my girl for 4 years. "I'll only be a few hours late" means "see you 'round midnight wherein I will fall through the door in a puddle and call you a stink-bott wee face no-fun grumphole until I fall into a deep and noisy sleep with a smile on my face and my shoes still on". (Saying that, I'd rather Zef DID keep his shoes on, as he's recently taken to forgoing socks for reasons too baffling superficial to go into here, whihc is hazardous to say the least. It's like he has two great stinky timebombs strapped to the bottom of his legs.)

ANYWAY! I digress. This post is a CELEBRATION of the might and wonder that is ZEF, and a repository for some of the weird and awesome things he's created over the years.

This, for example, is one of his very first beats, done when he was 15:

[audio: snail.mp3]

Zef - Snail

And this is his first bootleg, from the same period!

[audio: - Nocturnal Jerker.mp3]

Zef - Nocturnal Jerker

Imagine that was YOUR first bootleg! Amazing. Dude did two more bootlegs after that, then decided he'd rather do something useful with his life...

like superimposing Sean Bean on a space background initially created for the sleeve of my second album!

This is his Cosmic Bean T Shirt.

It's all kinds of awesome. You can buy yours here, just like Scroobius Pip.

Example's trying to to get a free one, bless him.

That Bean Shirt is the first in a series of 3, I believe. I'm gonna be on one. I can't wait to see that shit!

This here is one of my favourite bits of Zef design. Dude did this 3 years ago I think, I've seen it ripped off all over the place since.

Here's another classic. This is from the same fertile period. I think that's just after he moved to Cornwall. The air was good for him evidently. I expect this to get ripped off pretty actively in 2012.


For now...

Here's the first ZefM mixtape, an awesome Italo Disco Mixtape, no less. Play this at your party and watch that thing torn into a cotdang ZOO!

Praise be to Jah! And my our Mam and Dad for making such good person cocktails! As predicted earlier in the post (I started writing it this afternoon, got distracted, and came back to it in the nighttime), it is 22:32 and a merry Zef is on his way home from the pub. A sad, selfish soul just threw themselves in front of his tube, so he's going to be a little while yet. "Please, get the booze in!" he cried earnestly down the phone. "I want to make brotherly love!"

Trunk Music

We've been shooting stuff for ATD25.

Last night we were up till 4 am, and Set Dressing Tim had a set to dress at 6am!

[Not to mention my long suffering better, sweeter and kinder half, up at 6 also, love you baby!]


That's a tiny part of one of the pictures.


The finished thing is going to be beautiful.

(And will go some way to revealing Joey2tits sinister ambition for this *£!$@# record)

We're working with this guy, fellow ex-Brum Andrew Bainbridge. Go look at his stuff and be filled with excitement as to what you can expect.

The first music will appear sometime next week.

And in the immediate present:

A show at a festival, for which Jeres, Joey, Birthday Jim (happy birthday Birthday Jim!) and I have been rehearsing. We have a watertight greatest hits set ready, now I just have to conjure an opening 15 minute mosaic. I have some rehearsal footage, but I don't know if I have time to edit it. I still need to cut you something for Sky...

...but before that, it is Wednesday, and that means it is DONCAST DAY. Let me know in the comments if there's anything you'd like playing, or discussing.


The Best Of Akira The Don, WWWY - TLE?

So I totally joined the Hackney Council Community Gym! I've cycled there and back two days in a row - twice yesterday cos I had to register then come back to fill in my personal details three times over, twice on paper and once on a compute - bloody wasteful council bullcrap - and get my induction.

The lady who inducted me was hilarious. First she got ridonculously excited about my Polish surname, as she was, herself, "100% real Polish". Then she got even more excited after I'd done some stupid test on a computer. "You want to be POWER MAN!" she exclaimed, joyfully, shouting over my protestations that I "merely wish to be normal and fit and healthy like Bruce Lee" with cries of, "Yes! POWER MAN! All Polish men want to be power man! This is very good!"

She then showed me around, helpfully pointing out that the instructions on the various machines showed you how to use them. "The running machine is very boring," she told me, behind her hand, like people do in old films. "Who wants to run on plastic sheet all day? I want to be power man too!"

I have been going to the gym with my old pal Jeres, former guitarist in The Women, current guitarist in White Witches, and on and off  experience addict. He is a demon on the running machines. He did 5k today in 25 minutes. I couldn't be arsed to do more than 10. I was cycling an hour there and back anyway. I had plenty of bloody cardio, thank you all the same.

What else happened today?

Well, I posted MC Lars' new video in the Blob Blog earlier, a visual for a deeply touching song called Twenty-Three, about a friend of his who commited suicide. Amazingly enough, it turns out it was inspired by my song, Patrick, which I recently listened to for the first time in two years with Littles, who was, rightly, amazed by it. I am amazed by it. It is a flipping hardcore song. Anyway, big up Lars. I think its time for us to do that collaboration we've been talking about since '05.

Elsewhere, I unfollowed all those Boondocks avatars on Twitter. They had become annoying, unrepresentative of their characters, and deeply whorish. Grandpa bid me adieu with the following:

See? Totally out of charcter. I wonder who does them? How much do they get paid? Does Aaron McGruder approve?

Never mind that though. We have important things to work out. See, we got representation issues.

If you look for me on on Spotify, or iTunes, or whatever, all you'll find is my really early EPs and this bastardised version of my first album with a load of shit tacked on to the end that my old label put out last month without telling me (I had to find out via flipping Google Alert) after I'd told them specifically not to. Reissue reissue repackage, and I'm not even dead yet! Ruining my album. You know how long I spent getting that album into the shape I got it into? You know what a labour of love that was? My first album! A lifetime's dream! And you stick a load of home recordings onto the end of it and call it "special edition" or some shit to try and con people into buying it or whatever? How dare you! I was outraged. Truly I was. And I still am. Seethe! Rage!

Anyway. The point is that, to those that don't frequent this wonderful, groundbreaking, epoch defining website, I might as well have died in 2006. So we need to edumacate their asses, before we hit them upside the head with The Life Equation, and change the course of history for ever and ever. What I want to do is this - to put together an EP (extended play) of my finest works, following the release of When We Were Young up until now, the eve of The Life Equation. I will take these recordings, polish them up, treat them with respect and love, give them the mastering I was never able to before, and release them into the world, where anybody can find them. Hopefully in about 6 weeks. On the day of that release I will announce the release date of The Life Equation, and we will set about our Great Work.

It's gonna be tricky. I have made a hell of a lot of music in the past 3 and a half years. So I am asking all my friends for their opinions on the matter, and that includes YOU, dear reader. Please help me out in this endeavour by listing you favourite post WWWY, pre TLE songs in the comments below. Write as many as you like. If someone else has already posted one you like, post it too! That way I will get a better idea of what everybody's favourites are. Remember, if you're stuck, there's a great big discography here for you to look around in and refresh your memory, or even create some new ones.

Naturally, I will be thanking you all for your invaluable efforts in the credits. So leave whatever name best suits, or, if you're shy, email it to me.

Let's go!

PS - News of ATD24 on tomorrow's Doncast. 5pm UK time. Be there.

While The Don Is Away...

Dear gang

As you read this I will likely no longer be in the country. Indeed, I will be in a different country, a different island... obeying its laws, observing its customs, tasting its beer. I refuse to accept the possibility of any kind of volcanic ash cloud related disruption to my trip, having decided that it was all some election related conspiracy. There is no eruption, they're just burning all those unsold Rudebox CDs is all. I will be fine and back on Monday.

In the meanwhile, if you're game, I have a mission for you...

See, the reason I haven't taken a holiday for two years is that, self-run as I am, if I stop, it all stops. I have no manager, no label, no PR, none of that. It is up to me. Momentum is everything in this thing, and if I fool that up I have to start all over. I work from when I was wake to when I sleep pretty much every day, and there still isn't enough time to get everything done. I've been trying to do a comic strip for 4 weeks, cotdamn it! I have an awesome script and everything! And I just remembered I haven't done any kind of video for this Street Fighter ish. That's terrible! AND I haven't done a radio edit of any of the songs and sent them to DJS AND I haven't rendered the acapellas and instrumentals and made them available AND I haven't done my LP art yet AND... man, I can feel my heart starting to thunder just typing this.



I need your help to make me feel like I can relax for 4 days.

See, while the gaming world has wholeheartedly embraced ATD23: The Street Fighter Mixtape (over 30,000 streams and downloads!), the majority of the online music community has yet to experience the awesomeness. I know, right? POOR SODS! So, if you have a few moments spare, it would be really ace if you could hit up any of the following and point them in the direction of the thing.

Stereogum Pitchfork Rolling Stone Nah Right 2Dope Boyz Complex NME

Blatantly there are tons more places to hit up, but my taxi comes in a few hours and I still haven't packed... Please feel free to suggest those in the comments.

CC me on the email - akirathedon at - and I will pick 5 (five) people at random and send them a T shirt! WHOO! I went through all my stock yesterday (putting all the Ts in nice sandwich bags with sweets in) when I was packaging up people's CDs and Ts and stuff. My reup needs to happen sharpish. There's only 2 Omega Sanction Ts left you know!

Oh, and if you see any DJs, tell them to play Be Brave, I reckon that'd sound good on radio. Actually, I KNOW it does - Adam Walton played it on his Radio Wales show on Sunday! Big up Adam! You're a G! And, contrary to what you said on your show, playing music on the radio is heroic! You people change lives! You sure changed mine, anyway.

Rah then. I thank you in advance for being so dope. And I better dash like Dame. I don't know if there's internet in Malta, but if there is, I'll try and check in. BE SAFE! Don't let those puke coloured Governmental types push you around! Enjoy every breath!



The Soul In Vega

Hey gang! I hope you had an great bank holiday weekend. Even if it wasn't a bank holiday weekend for you. I have been mostly chained to this desk working on that awesome Street Fighter music. It's been a blast! People keep popping by and adding dope stuff to it. Envy's on her way right now. Jeres dropped by earlier just as I was about to hop in the shower. He's adding guitar to Vega right now. It's sounding beautiful. Vega has some haunting music, really he does.

So, we're in pretty awesome shape. Here's the board:

The circles on the left indicate which tracks have completed scratches on them. Ticks mean complete song. And so on. FYI, I am using one of my girl's magic whiteboard things. They're pretty useful. I hear they started life as a Dragon's Den pitch. Shout out TV enterepenours worldwide!

Oh snap! Envy just showed. She's writing on a laptop now, Said laptop is covered with stickers, like guitars in the early nineties.  Don approves. Fire imminent! And since we're still on this thing, keep those drops coming! They're great! akirathedon at!

5! 4! 3! 2! 1! FIGHT!

The fourth mixtape of 2010's insane 12 drops Friday.

It will be fast.

It will be furious.

It will be FREE.

And it will be FEMED.

Sorry, THEMED.

Where's that drum roll?

Ah yeah...








ATD23: A Tribute To The Music Of Street Fighter.


So, what are your favourite musical Street Fighter moments? There are so many to choose from it's head-spinning. The drum & bass weirdness from SF3 Alpha? The SF2 Gameboy Bleepfest? The breathtakingly goliath SF4 theme? Answers in the comments! I'll pick one at random and award you a drawing!

That reminds me: Who suggested I use Crash Test Dummies and The Kinks on Superhero Music? I can't find you in the #superheromusic hashtag on Twitter. BUT I KNOW YOU EXIST! And I wanna send you prize.

Speaking of which, I am off to the post office now. Superhero Music Ts are back in! Infuriatingly, my supplier sent a gang of XLs instead of XXLs, so if you're waiting for those (I see you Mark and Matthew!) you're gonna have to wait a little longer. I am deeply sorry/enraged and have unleashed the krakken in my hapless supplier's direction, poor sod.

Oh, and Raydome, I found your drawing! That's going too. Happy days.



[sleeve id="8455"] WOOOO HOOO!

It is all but done!

I am giving it a once over now, then I'm gonna play it on the Doncast at 5pm GMT!

Then I am gonna do a final master tweak, render it and chop it and tag it and zip it and up it to preorderers. And finish the art. Then up the stream.


Superhero Music Ad # 1, And How I Started Making Music


Behold, poster number 1 for that Superhero Music, coming atcha at the speed of AWESOME this month.


You can watch me drawing it here.

Now, don't get it twisted - that's not the cover. That's just the first advert. A big ass version of that will going out to preorderers tomorrow. Preorderers can also expect their first exclusive video content early next week. Music will start leaking soon too.

Drum roll...


An audiovisual event of Galactean proportions from Akira The Don! March 29th 2010!



Yeeeeeeeah baby.

So, Kidproskate sent me an email just now. He (or mayhap she) writes:

I just want to say that you inspired me to make music and I wanted to know what software did you use when you first started out?

Well, firstly, I thank you for a your email, succinct and sweet as it is! And thank you for your question. It is an excellent one, that I can't believe I haven't answered properly before....


I started producing my own songs back in 2004 2003. I messed around with Fruity Loops, which my old pal Kool Kid Fresh from Crack Village had shown me, using the keyboard I type with instead of a proper one, and my girlfriend at the time Liz's copy of Acid, all on a super-crappy oatmeal grey PC. I think it was Acid 4. I chopped drum sounds out of old vinyl in Soundforge.

Soon after that Fruity Loops turned into FL Studio - because the previous name was putting sexually insecure rap producers off using it (true story!) - and I started getting into VSTs and software synthesisters like Absynth. I had a cheap ass microphone I got from Dixons. Around that time also another important thing happened - my friend Mothboy introduced me to compression. This was all I needed to make tunes that sounded so great that Interscope gave me a record deal, and I spent a whole gang of their money on getting a souped up PC, an excellent audio interface and microphone and proper, legal copies of all the software I used. I also invested in some brilliant, if pricey softsynths, like Spectrasonics' Atmosphere and Trilogy. I also got a Roland Juno-D Synthesizer which is ace for writing songs on even if the PC's switched off. I use for its internal sounds and as a midi device.

Nowadays I still use ACID Pro (which is up to version 7) and Sound Forge, both of which have been bought by Sony since I started using them, but I don't use FL Studio anymore. I use Fxpansion's Guru (another suggestion of Mothboy's!) running through Acid for banging out beats with my Akai MPD 16, which is basically the pads from an MPC connected via midi to the computer. My favourite synths are still Spectrasonics' as well. Atmosphere has upgraded to Spectrasonics Omnisphere, which is an a amazing, hugely powerful synthesiser cable of almost anything I could wish for from a synth, and Trilogy just turned into Trilian, a shockingly versatile bass module. I still chop drum sounds off of old vinyl.

I should probably do a video about all this, huh? Back in the day me and Birddog were talking about doing an instructional series teaching people who to sample and make tunes in Fruity and Acid. I should get back on that. Each one teach one, right? Spread wisdom!

Right. Speaking of which, Matt Hall, AKA normannumneric emailed me the following:

This has mysteriously appeared in my local Norwich underpass. Gives me a smile on my way to work in morning!


Happy When It Snows

Akira The Don VS CCHG – Happy When it Snows From ATD20 Jan 29th 2010.

I think might have been the most fun I've had drawing this comic strip so far. Thanks for the opportunity gang!

Happy When it Snows, then. Do any of you know who CCHG are? Because I do not! I came across this amazing piece of music perusing Vice Magazine's new flash player on their website. I was looking at flash players that morning, and happened upon Vice's. The second song I heard was Chinaman Pappa by CCHG - it was perfect. Southern styled 808 drums married to music that sounded like tragic Georgio Moroder dreamscapes. Descending chords. I put it on repeat, sat in my chair by the window, rolled myself a zoot, opened the window, and wrote the song there and then, as snowflakes drifted into the room and mingled with the smoke. It was magical.

So shout out whoever play-listed the Vice flash player, and shout out CCHG, whoever you are. Thank you for the music. Oh, and shout out Sun On The Sand, who had it on their lovely site earlier this week.

Rah then. NEWS.

As I type, Chilly Gonzales and Andrew W.K. are in New York being told what to do by a video recording of me.

And what am I telling them?

Here's a transcript of my message:

Hi Chilly. Hi Andrew. Hi people of New York. Yes it is true, I am British personality and Some Kind Of rapper Akira The Don. You might remember me from such epic piano battles as Chilly Gonzales VS Andrew WK, held in this very venue last September.

Yes, I judged that battle. And, to my eternal regret, I publicly declared Gonzales the victor.


Observe for yourselves.

Indeed. Now, myself and the International Piano Battle Judging Scholars For Truth have reviewed the videos and interviewed the principals, and it seems Gonzales , while he was not technically cheating, is not entitled to claim the throwing of a gold chain as a musical gesture – it was clearly intended to destabilize his opponent.

As such , the battle is declared null and void, and a a Piano Battle Rematch will be held in Europe this fall.

Moreover, until the rematch, any collaborations between Gonzales and Andrew WK must include Gonzales in the subservient role of piano accompanist and ONLY that.

Gonzo, you stole a moment of potential glory from Andrew in his hometown. By the power vested in me, I demand that, painful as it might be, you suppress your ego… and gave something back.

So there you go. Andrew and Gonzo performed three songs at Joe's Pub last night, with Gonz playing the subservient pianist to Andrew's heroic frontman. Meanwhile, The Rematch will happen somewhere in Europe, this coming Autumn.


ATD20 – The Mixtape

Get the CDQ MP3 bundle here.

Get the MP3 + T-Shirt here.

A Brief History Of Social Networks

312079 As my Twitter crew already know, I spent far too long today in Myspace, a foul and stinking land I visit rarely, clearing out junk and blamming spammers. No-name no-clue Myspace rappers and rotten shindie bands one expects, but why on earth Sway feels the need to try and post three messages on my comments section about his new single is beyond me. I banned his spamming ass anyway. POW!

There were a few nice messages in there, but I feel these people would be better served hanging out here, instead of lining Rupert Murdochs greasy pockets with ad-cash (they were trying to sell me tit-implants while I was in there, "make yourself amazing!" Fuck yourself weirdo!).  I have been saying this for years, but seriously, I think I am going to have to delete my Myspace. Just as soon as the new is live and has the sexy front page music section we'll be set.

I never liked Myspace. Ugly rotten, decrepid, foul, stinking gateway to the Galaxy Of Wrong. I remember a billion years ago when it was all about Friendster - those were the days. Friendster was a nice, sweet, innocent hangout, where all you had a list of friends and a testimonial board, where people would write things like, "I remember Akira when he was Adam Alphabet and he used to make my cry with his beautiful columns for PlayLouder. Love you man!" Ah, back in the day before No Homo. Truly, this decade has been like fifteen of them. Anyway, one day people started leaving messages like, "Friendster's old! Come with me to Myspace!" And lo, everybody starting migrating to Myspace because it was "edgier" and you could change your background picture. That and, word on the street was it was a crazy pick up joint. So I went over there to see what the fuss was about, and sure enough I was getting propositioned by bottle blonde heavy metal chicks with Daddy issues within the frickin' hour. So I deleted my page and moved along, speedy like. A year or so later I had to open a new account, as I was making music, and it was deemed commercial suicide to not have one. I wish I'd never bothered, that thing has been nothing but a foul drain on my soul.

I never liked Facebook much either. The early days, with all the poking and lobbing of sheep were annoying enough, but when it turned into Friends Reunited it really got lame. "Hey Ads, long time, you make music now, that's wicked, I got three kids and a divorce, how's life?" How's life? Didn't you used to call me a faggot and throw chips at me in the cafeteria, durkhead? Fuck outta here with that bullcrap! Then there's all the exes. Facebook is a minefield of exes. Exes with many, many babies, and mortgages to boot. I have moved house more times than I could count, but there is no getting way from one's past anymore. 100x100 pixel reminders at every corner, as if my Tellytubby tattoo wasn't enough already.

There was about a month a few years ago when Facebook was all about playing Scrabulous with people, which was fun while it lasted, but those days are long gone. However, they did finally get around to making a Social Network that doesn't involve people demanding you "comment" on their "pix" that actually adds value to my life, and that is Twitter (tadah!), which, for now at least, I find useful, fun, and entertaining. Today it has given me a number of excellent articles to read, along with a brilliant Spotify Pet Shop Boys playlist by David Quantick. I have been returning the favour by edumacating his ass about screw music and what "bumping" a song means. He has in turn been passing that knowledge in to his people, and as I type, all around the world men and women are listening to the screw remix of Trae's Swang, and that makes me happy.

So there you go.

PS, Yes, I was always too old for Bebo.

The Day The ODB Died

odb My little brother Alex painted me this for my birthday seven or eight years ago. Look in those eyes. So beautiful.

Rest in peace Russel Jones. We will never forget you.

STREAM: Akira The Don - The Day The ODB Died (from iANDY EP)

STREAM: Raekwon - Ason Jones