Don Studios IV looks like a BOMB HIT IT. That is because I have been Checking Stock. And checking stock has revealed that I am SUPER LOW on pretty much EVERYTHING.

Just eight LITF hats left! Seven Unkillable Thunderchrist prints left! Just four complete Nostalgia Swag Bags left! No Revolution Ts left in XL and XXL! 2 Kidnapping Ts! Three Omega Sanction Ts! Twelve hoodies! Eight Unkillable Thunderchrist CDs! And so on!

I suggest you get your ass down to the shop and grab what you want before it's all gone. I might reprint the Revolution Ts, but that's probably it. Gonna be coming with a bunch of new stuff next month. Holla if there's anything in particular you'd like to see!

Oh, and I did a MAJOR post run yesterday, so if you're waiting on anything, it should show up pretty soon, if it hasn't already.

Actually, you know what? I'm gonna send a discount code to everyone that's bought something off me before. Check your inbox in 5432...!

So recently someone was in the comments of one of my Youtube videos asking where they could get a song I did back in 06 or something called DOWNLOAD... I had no idea., as that was on the harddrive that fell off atable in New York, along with many albums worth of unreleased material, and I'd forgotten about it.

How about that? Blessings to the homie Justin who sent me that message on Twitter, and has upped the song, which I will duly add to the archives. Is there anything else anyone's missing? Let me know and I will pass it on to the #DONARMY, who will SAVE US ALL!

PS, someone made this from my Prometheus review. SHOCKING. But is a much more concise review.

ADVENT 6: Nothing Lasts Forever Radio Edit & Acapella Free Downloads!

The merry keeps coming! Today, Dons and Donettes, I am giving away the swear-free radio edit of Nothing Lasts Forever, AND the acapella! WOW!

Of course, its not a totally selfless move on my part. In doing this, I hope that RAJO DEEJAYS will play the song on the RAJO, and that mums and dads will play the song to their CHILDREN and that Nans who HATE SWEARING will play the song instead of WATCHING JEREMY KYLE.

This is my wish. And it is the time for wishing. Wishmass, in fact.

So have at ye!

FREE DOWNLOAD: Akira The Don ft. Envy – Nothing Lasts Forever (Radio Edit) – to play on your radio or TO YOUR NAN! FREE DOWNLOAD: Akira The Don ft. Envy – Nothing Lasts Forever (Acapella) - 96.051 BPM! to make a remix with!

And if you want the sweary version, with the B-sides on MP3 or CD or FLAC, then get ye hence to the Don Shop!

Meanwhile, I just got back from Barking, where Dr Aaron Shrimpton and I were going through the Nothing Lasts Forever video with the proverbial fine toothcomb, making sure it's as perfect as it can be. WE ARE PROFFESIONALS AND WE WILL STOP AT NOTHING TO BRING YOU THE GREATEST ART WE CAN!

So hold tight, Dons and Donettes, that beautiful vidoe witl be with you very soon.



My Gift To You: The Big iron Instrumental!

Ladies and Gs!

I am full of joy! Big Iron has done over 12,000 14,000 streams in less than a week! DAYUMN!

To celebrate, I am giving you the mighty INSTRUMENTAL! I paid to get it mastered and everything, so it sounds beautiful.

Listen to it! Rap on it! Bootleg it with Lil B acapellas! IT'S YOURS NOW!



DOWNLOAD 320kbps MP3!


PS - I'll up the accapella later too, gotta run out the house right now to have a meeting with my new publicity team. POW!

Akira The Don - Nah Nah Nah ft Gonzales & Mary Turner

Akira The Don & Chilly Gonzales, London, 2003

DOWNLOAD: Akira The Don - Nah Nah Nah ft Gonzales & Mary Turner DOWNLOAD: Akira The Don - Nah Nah Nah ft Gonzales & Mary Turner (clean) DOWNLOAD: Akira The Don - Nah Nah Nah ft Gonzales & Mary Turner (accapella) DOWNLOAD: Akira The Don - Nah Nah Nah ft Gonzales & Mary Turner (instrumental) DOWNLOAD: Akira The Don - Nah Nah Nah ft Gonzales & Mary Turner (ALL!)

From ATD24.

ATD24: The Singles! Let's go!

We're gonna kick off with Nah Nah Nah. This shit is a classic already. I knew it was gonna be a classic the second I laid a drum break on top of that Serge Gansbourg sample at 06:08 am, June 23rd, just over an hour into the twenty four hour recording process of the mixtape. A few hours later Mary Turner and Chilly Gonzalaes walked into the studio and confirmed it.

I only just realised this is the first song me and Chilly have recorded together. We've performed together on stage - first time was at the Eden Project in 2002, where one of my buddies tagged Pulp's tour bus, igniting a short-lived Beef between the Sheffield indie stars and the Canadian supervillain, and the second was at The ICA in 2009, when I joined dude to do my verse from the Working Together remix - but never before on a record, in the same room.

Chilly Gonzales and the then Adam "Akira" Alphabet, 2002.

The song came together at awesome speed. We did the hook in about half an hour, including a vanguard of fine harmonies from Mary, and Gonzo aced his verse on the second take, before racing off to catch the Eurostar to Paris. Then at around 10pm my old school chum Ginge and The Mighty Jeres came round and added the guitars and sax. I mixed it at 4am, by which point I had gone a little mad, and deaf. But it sounded like a classic.

Akira The Don - Be Brave

DOWNLOAD: Akira The Don - Be Brave DOWNLOAD: Akira The Don - Be Brave (Clean) DOWNLOAD: Akira The Don - Be Brave (Acapella) DOWNLOAD: Akira The Don - Be Brave (Instrumental) DOWNLOAD the whole CDQ MP3 Bundle, including artwork!

Here you go then. A beautiful sleeve, and a full CD Quality MP3 bundle of Be Brave - The Hype Machine Number One Mega Smash from "the best gaming mixtape you'll ever hear" (tm and c. Kotaku), ATD23: The Street Fighter Mixtape.

Be Brave was the first song I wrote for the mixtape. For about half an hour it was called Superted, until - as is the way with these things - I sort of dragged the song out of the air (or idea space, or whatver you like to call it), and held it down, thrashing and wiggling about, as they do, until I could make sense of it. Then, very quickly, it became Be Brave.

I knew it was righteous straight away, but Envy confirmed it: she said it was her favourite thing I'd done. Not everyone was as immediate - my girl didn't get it until the day before yesterday! But, as IcyLiquid, a newcomer to this Don business, said on Twitter today: It's "weird." So no wonder.

It was based around a sample from the Blood On The Asphalt remix of Guile's Ending Theme, from the Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD remix project, an ambitious and accomplished fan-created project made aware to me by numerous Google searches and forums during my quest to find the best Street Fighter music out there. Forsooth:

Pretty neat, huh? The moment the chorus became the right one was when I stopped listening to the main song and focused on the fade-out. That fade-out amazed me. It was also the fade-out that made me use Auto Tune. Dry vocals didn't feel right on it. It's space music - lush, alien, digi-tal. My apologies to the Jay-Z stans, but it was entirely necessary. I had no choice in the matter. I do what I am told by the Gods, that is all. I am a humble conduit.

A humble conduit who's ace song called Be Brave go to number one!




Actually, we just got knocked off by two Kanye Wests. TWO KANYE'S!


So anyway! Two things. 1: I wanna get together some kind of visual for it, for Youtube posterity. It needn't be complicated - in fact, the less complicated the better. Ideas?

And thing 2: I am gonna focus in on two more tracks from The Street Fighter Mixtape. What should they be?

Oh, and here's an extra. It's time for you to start getting really excited about The Life Equation. Cos all this stuff? This was the warm up.


Envy & Akira The Don, backstage at her LP launch party at Cargo earlier this year

Akira The Don ft Envy - Winners From ATD23: The Street Fighter Mixtape

I think this song is appropriate for today.

Yesterday, I dropped my new mixtape. Today it has had over 15,000 streams on Sound Cloud alone. Ridonculously massive gaming site called it "The Best Gaming Mixtape You'll Ever Hear". Kiss My Geek, brilliantly, exclaimed, "Ca donne une SUPA DUPA HOT SHIIIIT!" My Twitter feed exploded, and continues to explode, with appreciative folks from all over the world. My website crashed, and took down a whole gang of other websites with it.

A pretty awesome early birthday present, basically. Thank you all! You rule!

As for Winners (big up Southern Hospitality for the drop!), that was the FIRST beat I  made for the mixtape. I made the song with my ole buddy Envy last week. She was streaming the process via her laptop, futuristically enough, so her inspirationally dedicated #EnvyArmy got to see the process. A week later they all got to hear it, gratis. Awesome.

I got the following email this morning:

never heard anything of ur productions before, but kotaku´s mr crescente got me hooked up with it in article ... so i just got one question as an fellow producer i need 2 know the sample of that "winners" track ... by far the most superb ... very good puttin such a beat on it .. gives the sample such a drive u digg ? well u should u produced it ^^ and that girl, while i really dont get along well with oxford english (even if i´m half jamaican), really put some vibe to it ... at first u think yeah rite girl ... but as i heard the song the second time ? i was blown ^_°

greetz DNS

Well, first off, thank you for the email, and for appreciating my drums! My drums have gotten way better since I started banging them out on my MPD, its been a major breakthrough for me...

Second, Envy's English is not Oxford, it's Manchester! Which is in the North of this weird-ass island. And that's one of the reason's her flow is so ill. The other is that she is pretty much a genius. As for the sample? It's Street Fighter II Victory - Hadouken Theme Song, an absolutely brilliant piece of music. So here you go, my new friend, and all my other friends, new, old, forgotten, remembered:

Awesome, non? I am looking forward to breaking down more of this Street Fighter ish over the next week. Some of the sampling is pretty straight, like here... and some is really not at all. Like The Title. That joint was SO FUN TO MAKE! Oh my LORD!

But! What joints do YOU want to see zoomed in on? and what do you want to know? Lemme know, I make it happen.

Right. I better get off and do lots of work. My Mum's coming to see me today, to celebrate my birthday and say things like "you'll always be my little boy! It seems like only yesterday that you were this big!" And so on. I can't wait!

Download The Street Fighter mixtape for FREE here!


[sleeve id="8455"] WOOOO HOOO!

It is all but done!

I am giving it a once over now, then I'm gonna play it on the Doncast at 5pm GMT!

Then I am gonna do a final master tweak, render it and chop it and tag it and zip it and up it to preorderers. And finish the art. Then up the stream.


ADVENT 10: Koltreg - I Don't Hate The Beatles Anymore

akirabeatlescopy2 DOWNLOAD: Kotreg - I Don't Hate The Beatles Anymore

Our transatlantic friend Koltreg, AKA Luke Herr explains:

I Don't Hate The Beatles Anymore has been recorded as part of a school sound editing project to learn the very basics of applying effects and mixing tracks in ProTools. The idea was to record a monologue that held some personal value to the person recording it and as a resident denizen of the Internet, I Don't Hate The Beatles Anymore has some good lessons on giving everything a chance or at least ignoring it instead of trashing it. The Reading was done by Rico M. (, Produced and Mixed by Luke "Koltreg" H (, with Illustrations by Blazel (

School sound editing project? You kids these days don't know how good you've got it! When I was at school all we had was recorders and some bust up violins. Pah!

For really though, excellent work gents. It sounds great, and the picture is awesome. Win!

In the spirit of giving, here's the OG, from this year's The Omega Sanction.

Akira The Don - I Don't Hate The Beatles Anymore

Produced by Akira The Don. Backing vocals by Martin Carr and Mary Wytcherly. Guitar and synths by Jeremy Allen. Keyboards by Ginge. Prgramming and sytnths by AK Donovan.

LISTEN: Akira The Don ft. Littles & Lickel P - Try Walking In My Shoes


DOWNLOAD: Akira The Don ft. Littles & Lickel P - Try Walking In My Shoes

A bunch of you asked for this, so I've done the right thing and liberated this most excellent joint from ATD18: The Don Shoes Mixtape (I gave it a fresh mix too).

Speaking of which, the postman just staggered up 32 metal stairs to my front door dragging another massive ass box full of d-d-d-d DON SHOES!

So boss up ladies and Gs - Don Shoes are back in stock, cop 'em while they're hot from the brand new shop!


LISTEN: Akira The Don - The Oh Yeah Skank ft. Littles and B.o.B.

akira-the-don-the-oh-yeah-skank You know, i stayed up until 6 am, and I got up at 10. How's that for dedication? Barring a power cut, you should have a mixtape to listen to this evening as soon as my soundcard stops spitting static at my face.


STREAM: Akira The Don - The Oh Yeah Skank ft Littles and B.o.B.

Download here.

LISTEN: Akira The Don - John Shoot It Up

John Shoot It Up Thassright, even in death John Hughes continues to inspire. Some of that ole ATD magic done come back to me tonight, and I made this in tribute. Then I didn't stop. Guess what's turning into a tape RIGHT NOW?

STREAM: Akira The Don - John Shoot It Up ft Sigue Sigue Sputnik and Method Man

Download here.

Guillermo Castro's Dream

castro OK, something's going on round these parts.

I am currently getting about 5 autograph requests a day, from all over the world, via email. Now, I know I'm awesome (hi Mom!), but this seems odd. I have had genuine autograph requests via email before - hell, I sent out a bunch last week - but there's something queer about these ones I'm getting at the moment, I swear. For example:

Dear akira the don .Iam a great fan of you. I would be very happy if you could send me an hand signed pictures of you. I would be very pleased if you could fulfil my wishes. Many thanks in advance for your kindness. Success may always be at your side! Terka Simkova Czech Republic


Dear Mr. Akira the Don

I´m a great fan of yours. Therefore I would be very happy if you could send me a autographed picture of you. I would be very pleased if you could fulfil my wish. Many thanks in advance for your kindness. I wish you all the best for the future.

Yours sincerely, Guillermo Castro Argentina

Here's another:

Hello My firt name is Jean-philippe , il live in france and i am a french fan of you , i like you a lot i write you to ask 2 dedicated photos of you with a small nice word for your french fan, One photo for me and one for my mom , his name is SOLANGE could you send me it? thanks very much and sorry for my bad english Jean-philippe

And so on. Seriously, I have a ton of these. Why do all these people suddenly want my autograph, when they didn't last month? Is this an ebay scam? If so they're going to be disappointed. Am I being paranoid? I suppose there's no reason why these couldn't be real people. Have I been getting international airplay I don't know about? Hi haters! My guns from Al Quadea!

Hmm. Any clues? Guillermo Castro, are you reading this? Are you real?

Am I real? Am I Guillermo Castro's dream? Do I cease to exist when he wakes up? I swear down I felt like I ceased to exist this morning. I woke up in the shower with Radio 4 blaring and a terrible banging at the door. I have no idea how I got there. There was no one at the door, and the words "OJ Da Juiceman" were swirling around my head like a blizzard of crickets. I need help maybe, swear up, down, and sideways.

Or maybe I just been listening to that B.o.B. too much.


Rah though, Stephen Spielberg is remaking Harvey. Why theufck would anyone want to do that? That movie's as close to perfect as a movie can get, fucko. Leave it alone.

LISTEN: Zombiehamster's Mike Patton Mixtape

Mixtape4 Celebrated Mike Patton stan Zombiehamster of the word famous has gone and put together over an hour of magical Patton moments, in the form of the fourth mixtape in a month.

I'm 32 minutes in and it's funking AWESOME so far. He's doing a creepy Madness impression right now. Bejayzis!

I am inclined to sample the living crap out of it.

Serious. At one point he goes seriously Westcoast. Sort of Tom waits West Coast. Well, Mike Patton Tom Waits West Coast.

You know what I mean.

Seriously, this is The Shit On Stilts. I cosign this as hard as a Arnie cosigns leaving battered women and children to die in the streets. Hardbody.

STREAM: Zombiehamster Mixtape #4 Mike Patton Special



Check tracklisting science:

1: ‘Kickin” : Mike Patton (Crank 2 Soundtrack) 2: ‘Anger Management‘ : Lovage (Music To Make Love To Your Old Lady By) 3: ‘Mojo feat Rahzel and Dan The Automator‘ : Peeping Tom (Peeping Tom) 4: ‘L.O.L. (Loser On Line)‘ : X-Ecutioners (General Patton Vs The X-Ecutioners) 5: ‘God Hates A Coward‘ : Tomahawak (Tomahawk) 6: ‘Spider Baby‘ : Fantomas (The Director’s Cut) 7: ‘Midlife Crisis‘ : Faith No More (Angel Dust) 8: ‘Pig Latin‘ : The Dillinger Escape Plan (Irony Is A Dead Scene) 9: ‘Labsent‘ : Kaada (Romances) 10: ‘Carousel‘ : Mr Bungle (Mr Bungle) 11: ‘G.I. Joe‘ : The Melvins (The Crybaby) 12: ‘Porno Holocaust‘ : Mike Patton (Adult Themes For Voice) 13: ‘Desert Search For Techno AllahMr Bungle : (Disco Violante) 14: ‘Chariot Choogle‘ : Mike Patton (Collected Psyche) 15: ‘The Gentle Art Of Making Enemies‘ : Faith No More (Live at Download 2009) 16: ‘4/10/05‘ : Fantomas (Suspended Animation) 17: ‘The Omen (Ave Satani)‘ : Fantomas (The Director’s Cut) 18: ‘Surprise! You’re Dead‘ : Faith No More (The Real Thing) 19: ‘This Town Ain’t Big Enough For The Both Of UsMike Patton (Collected Psyche) 20: ‘Ashes To Ashes‘ : Faith No More (Album Of The Year) 21: ‘Come To DaddyThe Dillinger Escape Plan (Irony Is A Dead Scene) 22: ‘I Started A Joke‘ : Faith No More (Is This It? – Their Greatest Hits)

Say word! Now, The Zshare streaming thing wasn't working when I tried to listen to it, and, if you're like me, chances are you cannot always be effed in the ay to download things on the fly. So I've gone and done it for you, and upped it here, for streaming posterity. But you still need to go check the boy's site for his Saturday Morning Cartoon breakdowns, at the very effing least.

So. Yeah. Make sure you're here at the start of next week, eh? I am gonna be getting up to some of my old tricks.

LISTEN: Flow Machines - Natural Decay (Akira The Don Remix)

We-Are-Starlight-Sleeve2 STREAM: Flow Machines - Natural Decay (Akira The Don Remix)

Happy Monday gang!

And what better away to kick off the new week than with some new music? Quite.

This is my remix of Flow Machines' Natural Decay, from their We Are Starlight EP, cleverly named after a line in said remix, and out TODAY, as a generous free download, from I am fully feeling the artwork, I gotta say. Go cop that ish. Martin Carr's done a very lovely remix on it too, so it's totally Fake-Welsh-Official.

BONUS: Here's the video for the EP's lead track, the Vince Clarke-tastic Every Last Drop (Remix).

PS - If you were listening to Adam Walton last night you'd haveheard new Akira The Don music, along with me talking about how to make bread. So maybe you should go listen back.

MUSIC: Akira The Don - BNP DOA

"British National Party, one hundred and twenty thousand, one hundred and thirty nine votes."


So, I was gonna write something about this, but I decided to rap instead. I actually recorded this yesterday, but didn't have time to mix it cos I was filming the Video Highway video with Joey and Mary.

So, anyway.


Akira The Don - BNP DOA DOWNLOAD: Akira The Don - BNP DOA DOWNLOAD: Akira The Don - BNP DOA (Acapella) - 86.490 BPM

For an excellent written analysis of the issue, go see Marvin.

MUSIC: Akira The Don - The Omega Sanction (Midnight To Midnight)


Photo by Virginia Manning


The somewhat epic title track from my new mixtape, The Omega Sanction.


Will we be playing this on Friday?


PS - New T-Shirts are being sent my way today, will be out to you on Friday. PHEW!

Akira The Don - The Omega Sanction (Midnight To Midnight)

DOWNLOAD: Akira The Don - The Omega Sanction (Midnight To Midnight)

The Omega Sanction Digital Download: Out Now

tos My chest is thundering - The Omega Sanction digital download has flown the cooop, and is Out There, in the 6th dimension.


MP3: £4.41. MP3 + T-Shirt - £13.99


Preorderers have been sent the link - if, for some Gmail related reason, you pre-ordered and you haven't gotten it, email me and I'll sort you out.

I was sickened in the stomach to not get the CDs delivered today... My CD pressing people have been Longing Me Off, which is technical speak for Not Delivering On Time... however, my glamorous assistant has been, um, persuading them to try harder, and we are promised delivery mid-next week. So hold tight, and don't hate me, I have been trying REALLY HARD, wah wail weep etc.

Good news though - your stickers turned up on time (at the wrong address, but on time), and they're gorgeous.


MUSIC: Eminem - We Made You (MP3 + Video)

DOWNLOAD: Eminem - We Made You

New Eminem album, first single, comedy shenanigans with stupid accents riffing on celebrity culture. This will date FAST. And on two listens I'm not over keen, but you never know in the long run.

EDIT: Third listen, I like it. Apart from the Sarah Palin line. Sorry.

What's mental for me is the following line:

"You're my Amy / I'm your Blake."

Oh my lord!

I would never, ever have though, all those years ago when Blake Fielder-Civil (then minus surname) was crashing on my sofa in Camden, mocking my Wu-Wear and my rap aspirations, and raiding my change jar that he'd end up getting name checked in an Eminem song.

Brother, you made it!

Props to Rapradar. Oddly enough, I was gonna post something today about how hard Elliot Wilson's new site is smashing the game like frustrated chess players, then Camp Marvin, who care about these things, went and beat me to the jump. Forsooth:

"I've been the most regular user of since one month after it launched... But since the hipster movement and the over-posting of Eskay's weed carriers I have to say I'm less inclined to click a link on Nahright any more. I was worried that I'd lost a bit of love for hip-hop music and for a few months I really thought I had. Then RapRadar came along. I was very skeptical about Elliot Wilson going online and I am man enough to admit that I was wrong to be. Him being as well connected and experienced as he is, there's less room for error on his site. Without throwing Nahright under the bus with little to no evidence to support my claim, I kinda feel like Eskay and them got a little bit gassed by rappers personally and now they're the centre of a scene that isn't really going anywhere. Whereas RapRadar comes from XXL, The Source and Ego Trip so you know what you're getting, to the point, to the minute hot shit. I don't think Elliot Wilson could get any more gassed at this point [not a diss] he's pretty much hip-hop's pen. He'll go down as the guy who saw it all and wrote it all down and he knows it. So when a Mickey Facts or a Garry Spacks or whatever the latest cross dressing weirdo rapper pretending to have loved J-Dilla beats comes out he's not going to fall for it lightly.

The main attraction RapRadar has over Nahright though is the media player. Maybe I'm lazy or maybe I just don't like downloading and killing the industry any more but I'm really sick of going Sharebee, Zshare, wait, wait, wait, listen, like? Download, wait, wait, download, wait, wait. When Zshare's not working you're on Megaupload downloading bullshit freestyles until you can't be fucked any more. Did the download generation hit a wall? Or are they about to? Who do we trust?"

Ain't that the truth?

March Of The Sinister Ducks

Sinister Ducks 8pm and its still light. Wow.

Adam Walton played the title track off of The Omega Sanction on his show last night. Click here to listen back. No one's noticed the hook origin yet, which I am shocked by.

He also interviewed Pete Waterman, who is something of a SLEPT ON WIZARD... so check it out.

Other nice things to listen to:

Hunchbakk's latest forray into super ugly beatstuffs...

Dr Dre's Top 25 Productions, courtesy of Kevin Nottingham Dot Com

Sinister Ducks - March of The Sinister Ducks. Alan Moore on vocals. Cheers Luke Herr for the heads up...


I got some really fucking horrible news on Friday. The Swine have robbed Littles of his freedom, for a completely inordinate amount of time. Dude's gonna appeal, so I'd thank you all to keep him in your most positive of thoughts, prayers, or whatever else you might wanna call them.


POW! You KNOW I aint selfish, right? So since i got a chance to mess with the Street Fighter 2 sounds library, I reckon you should have that chance too.

So. I have uploaded all the sound effects and music parts from that legendary game, along with the Streetfighter (I Will F U Up) acapella etc, so's you can get your REMIX-AH on.

Plus, we got PRIZES! Well, prize. And the prize, courtesy of Capcom, is

A copy of Street Fighter 4!

Hells yeahs.

You got two weeks.

Send your entries to submissions.atd at

Get in.

DOWNLOAD: Street Fighter remix parts DOWNLOAD: Street Fighter remix SFX DOWNLOAD: Akira The Don ft Big Narstie, Littles + Lickle P - Streetfighter (I Will F U Up) - Main DOWNLOAD: Akira The Don ft Big Narstie, Littles + Lickle P - Streetfighter (I Will F U Up) - Clean DOWNLOAD: Akira The Don ft Big Narstie, Littles + Lickle P - Streetfighter (I Will F U Up) - Acapella DOWNLOAD: Akira The Don ft Big Narstie, Littles + Lickle P - Streetfighter (I Will F U Up) - Instrumental