Akira The Don & The Women - Oh! (What A Glorious Thing) & Big Live Acoustic Performance In Victoria Park!

L-R: Mary Turner, Akira The Don, James "Euro Jim" Harrison, Jeremy "Jeres" Allen.

As I mentioned the other day, me and my ole band The Women took advantage of a freak burst of sunshine in London on Friday to scoot over the road to Victoria Park park with my little brother's old KRON guitar, The Wedding Uke and a triangle, and play a couple of songs for you, the internets. It was the first time we'd played together for ages, since Mary lives in New Zealand nowadays with her husband to be, where she's been some modelling and getting a suntan. James, meanwhile, taught himself photography and then filming and makes adverts for Nike and things of that nature, while Jeres plays guitar in White Witches, who you will be hearing a lot about soon.

It is always a joy and a pleasure to play music with my old friends, and it was nice to capture it on film, which is something we've always been bad at in the past for some reason, despite playing together for years and going on tour and everything. Anyway, Mary's in the country for her wedding till September, so I am gonna make sure we do at least one live show, and record it for posterity.

I shot the footage on my HTC One X, which is very good considering its a bloody phone, but the audio goes out of synch quite a bit and I had to do an awful lot of fidgeting in Premier Pro CS5.5. You might wanna sort that out HTC people.

I will be trying out Premiere Pro CS6 tomorrow, when I will be cracking on with the Full Metal Alchemist video edit. that thing drops the same day as the new season of Breaking Bad, fittingly enough. "I cook, I chef, I Walter White..."

PS - apparently Oh! was played on a daytime telly show called 4 Weddings today. Has anyone seen this? What's the context? How do these strange and wonderful things happen anyway?

PPS - Breaking Bad lego meth lab. Amazing.

ATD13: Ninja Babies Are The Future

I did it again! I saw the rain that fell in the night while you were asleep, and I made you a mixtape. it has more me on it than ever before. There seem to be 13 me songs. That is a lot. You should be aware that I have kept aside a bunch for the next one. Some fucking BANGERS as well. Anyway. Highlights of this include a topical reworking of R Kelly's Ignition, the speaker busting Why Lout? reunion that is Trouble, Narstie's love song, Scratch from The Roots' mouth-only BANGER, Morty's verse about not giving people blowjobs because she's 15, me and Trey's fucking insane musical collision... Envy in general. Man, it's all amazing. I got a bunch of Dego Brown production on here AND a Son Of King Rebel guitar solo. And lots of swang.

Tracklisting: Akira The Don ft Why Lout? - Trouble * T.I. - Why You Wanna Lil Wayne - Georgia Bush Young Jeezy ft Sizzla, Akon, Shabba Ranks & Vibes Cartel - Soul Survivor (Gun Session Remix) Akira The Don ft Envy & Pixel - Doobeydoo-Baw! (Ride) Dangerdoom- Corndogs Akira The Don ft Bashy - Oh! Envy & Morty - Bak Off! ATD To The Third Degree - White Whores Akira The Don & Envy - I Love You Ninjah - Mastercard Akira The Don ft Jack Nimble & Marv The Marsh - Admission (Remix) RZA ft ODB - Black Widow Pt 2 Akira The Don ft Dego Brown & Morty - Under The Rainbow (Remix) Adam Green - Nat King Cole 3rd Degree - Back In The Day Trae ft Fat Pat & Pimp C - Swang (Remix) Jadakiss ft Lil Wayne - Swangin'v Trae ft HAWK & Fat Pat - Swang (Chopped and Screwed) DJ Screw & ESG - Swangin And Bangin Scratch - 15 Layer Freestyle Scratch, Dego Brown, Morty, Pixel & Akira The Don - Rapping On A 15 Layer Freestyle Akira The Don - Never Go Out ft. Big Pun & The Smiths 13 & God - Men Of Station Pixel ft Marv The Marsh & Akira The Don - Keep It Movin Akira The Don ft Narstie - Wonderwall Akira The Don - Warlord

* - extra guitar by Son Of King Rebel

Cover star - Jesse James Hitchman. Photo by Flan.


I mixed this bastard on the night of June 22nd, through to the morning of June 23rd, needing to catch a plane to Prague in mere hours. Diamonds... and Still were recorded by Matt F at The Dairy. Oh! was recorded live for Huw Stevens' Radio 1 show. I would type more, but I hurt. And have to catch a plane. PEACE! Tracklisting: Narstie, Solo, Bashy & Akira The Don - Diamonds, Mines Roll Deep - Shake A Leg Looptroop - Fort Europa Fat Joe - Beat Novacaine Big Pun - Firewater Dead Prez & Talib Kweli - Sharp Shooters Black Market Militia - Thug Nation Anth Latue - Life's Crazy Part II Akira The Don feat. John Travolta, Olivia Newton John, ODB, Ludacris, Beni Benassi & Wade Crescent - Rawgrease System Of A Down feat Lil KIm - Violent Pornography The Streets feat Roll Deep - Let's Push Things Forward (Remix) Bruza - Get Me Akon VS Biggie & Kim Jong II - Ronery (ATD mix) George Fornby - With Me Little Stick Of Blackpool Rock Akira The Don feat. Bashy - Oh! (What A Glorious Things) Aceyalone, Zack de la Rocha, Dead Prez, Black Thought, Goldii Loks, Pharoahe Monch, Wise Intelligent, Chuck D, Slimkid Tre, Gene Gray, Channel Live, Divine Styler, Sayeed, Tragedy, The Last Emperor, & p.e.a.c.e. - Mumia 911 Damian Marley - Jamrock Paul Oakenfold feat Nelly Furtado & Tricky - The Harder They Come Akira The Don VS Dead Prez & Cyndi Lauper - Time Cex- Furcoat Jehst & Yungun - Spend It On Diamond D feat. Big L, Lord Finesse, A.G. & Fat Joe - 5 Fingas Of Death Narstie, Solo & Akira The Don - Still Bill Bailey - Unisex Chip Shop Face - Stress Akira The Don VS Snoop Dogg, Bronski Beat & Belinda Carlisle - Smalltown Boi


So, there were a bunch of updates and pictures and things, and they got wiped! Oh, the tragedy. So, a recap. On my last day on Rivington Street I saw a white thug in an open-top Hummer drive by blasting out 'I Want The One I Can't Have' and nodding along with a serious expression about his face.

Then we went.

Wade and I ended up on the coach, as there was no room in the van, or car. We got there early, and checked out the scene. The scene is small.

We don't actually live in Woodstock. We live in Shandaken, outside. Well, just outside. Half way up a mountain, hidden away by forest, amongst bears and chipmunks and what have you. In a big old dusty house full of weird porn and broken stuff, with brown water and giant ants. Like, there's a jacuzzi, but it doesn't seem to work. There is the biggest TV you've ever seen, but it's got a big black tear across the front and doesn't tune properly. It's a two hour walk to the nearest shop, whihc is a petrol station, and does a good line in biscuits. The local girl's got a lot of guns.

It is very lovely to look at up in Shandaken. Mountains covered in trees, mainly. Streams. Clouds so low you can jump up and punch them.

I miss Wade, who is back in London sorting out affairs. All my stuff is in boxes.