#NUKEOFTHEWEEK this week is some VERY AGGY and VERY LIT rap noise from Lil Pump AKA @lilpumpjetski . Put this on and have a riot. BLESS!

PS - only one camera angle this week cos I forgot to switch them all on and I aint redoing this shit cos I got an album to finish so there.
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MORRISONCON DAY 1: - A Magic Carpet Ride, Emmanetising The Eschaton AND THE LIVE SHOW

Screen shot 2012-09-29 at 18.53.20
Screen shot 2012-09-29 at 18.53.20

Click here for PART 2 . Click here for PART 3

Yesterday couldn't have been anymore herculean and glorious had it been on a hoverboard.

In the morning I did some work in bed, posing the journey to Vegas' photos and readying some of my DJ set. Then I took a lone wander up the Strip in the glorious sunshine, where I encountered the Worst Coke Dealer In The World, who staggered towards me looking like Issac Hayes, mimed snorting a line at me then fell inro the road. Shortly after I wandered through a bizarre shopping centre with a roof painted to look like The Sky, not unlike that Jim Carrey film the name of which escapes me right now, before emerging blinking into the dazzling sunlight to witness what appeared to be half of an aged Cameo playing an incredible funk set next to a smoothie stand at the side of the road.

I sipped on a red bery smoothie, and wandered back to the Hard Rock Hotel to have breakfast with Grant and Kristan and My Chemical Romance and Frank Quietly and his wife. Frank Quietly and his wife look just like Frank Quietly drawings, it is uncanny.

We headed back to Suite Le Morrison to drink fine boozes, pore over immensely incredible art pages from Grant and Frank's upcoming Multiversity comic and chatter excitedly about Jilted John and bath salt zombies and the new age of Horus whilst being filmed for a documentary, then hopped in a small fleet of soft tops with a gigantic movie camera and cruised vegas looking for Strange Esoteric Buildings, which we found quickly. In the vast, imposing, head compressing confines of the Luxor Hotel, a vast pyramid, Grant and Frank and rode a Magic Carpet, and heard the life story of a 56 year old man in braces who longed for the days when he hung out with Jeff Beck in Los Angeles. Some people's lives seem to stop dead at a point in time, frozen in peak experience nostalgia hangover forever, but we won't, we ride Peak till death and beyond, and we urge you to do likewise.

Later that afternoon I watched a vast line form to register for MorrsonCon, were I bumped into Jason Aaron, and took him for a drink. We talked about Alabama rap and bluegrass, amongst other things, and sipped bourbon, in the manner of gentlemen  Then I headed to soundcheck with Grant and James Gerard from My Chemical Romance, who were to perform "The Con - a thirty minute spoken-word piece with music. Part short story, part history, part occult ritual, as Howard Hughes faces Liberace in a duel to the death for the soul of Las Vegas"... in soundcheck it made my skull flex, I wondered what the hell would happen at the performance proper...

We retired to Le Suite Morrison for a few hours, where Grant revealed he had almost as many ATD songs on his computer as The Beatles', and I was of a rare breed of artist whose every song fascinated him, like The Smiths, which is about as ultimate a compliment as one could receive. Gerard meanwhile "lost his shit" over my Death's Head tattoo. Death's Head, he said, was "his favourite" when he was young. I had no idea DH had penetrated America. I'm proud of him.

I prepared my set, and asked MCR synthist James Dewees if he'd like to be my onstage DJ, an offer he accepted happily, and before we knew it it was time to go on, and  we were backstage downstairs with hundreds of screaming beautiful girls and boys mobbed around the stage, baying for transcendence  Grant looked like he was going to be sick. But he wasn't. He and Gerard and James strode out into the ring like boxers and simply emmanetised the eschaton, in a half hour performance that sunned all into silence then rapture then silence then shit losing and back again, with a sound something not unlike Vangelis fighting to the death with Rammstein compered by a reborn cosmic Sensational Alex Harvey.


Grant even seemed to be rapping in parts. We're gonna develop that side of his oeuvre further in the future...

The people went apeshit. Then it was my turn.

How the fuck you you follow that?


I am a Motherfucking Pro Fessional, after all. I know about these things.

You bring THE PARTY.

Akira The Don at MorrsionCon
Akira The Don at MorrsionCon

And so I did, with the help of James, world's greatest rap DJ. Combining the shamanic techniques I employed at V Festival recently with some of my finest pop songs, we whipped the place into a frenzied mass of PARTY, replete with dance off, audio sigil, and joyous singalonging... destroying AIDS, making ourelves rich and saving humanity in the process.

It was fucking ACE, brothers and sisters.

Joyous humans streamed out into the casino night, pumped, amped, crackling with god energy, ready to take on the New Epoch.

And so began MorrsionCon.

Click here for PART 2 . Click here for PART 3


At 7:30am yesterday with a bag full of futuristic technology and another full of fly ass threads, and set off on anew adventure. 27 hours later I fell asleep sat up at my laptop in the midde of preparing a bit of a DJ set in an opulent half-panoramal suite at The Hard Rock Hotel, beneath the beatific gaze of Jimmi Hendrix.

Here are some photos my HTC One X took during the day.

MorrisonCon kicks off at 3pm. SEE YOU LATER!



PRE VEGAS VLOG: MorrisonCon, Comics on The Nexus 7 & my Death's Head Tattoo

http://youtu.be/bazI8k7l8Oo Well, it's 2am and I'm posting a vlog, moving files, BPM gridding songs, reading a book, watching Battlestar AT THE SAME DAMN TIME. Gotta be up to catch my plane to Vegas in 4 hours.


RIP Andy Williams, the source of my sample on LOVE. Thank you sir. Godspeed.




The Old House

My lil brother Zef just posted this on Twitter.

That's our old house in Penmon up on the right. We rented it for £400 a month in the 90s and it fitted 6 of us. My old man drove through the ghost of a monk by where you can see that dog. I used to drag myself up that hill on my rollerskates and launch myself down on the other side, which was a quarter mile long winding near vertical drop that ended up in the ocean. Years later Alex had a party and dozens of us ate mushrooms and rampaged around like wild animals, swimming in bushes with liquid limbs, barking at the moon, convinced our mother had no idea what we were up to.

It was a thirty minute walk to the nearest bus stop, and a further ten on top of that to nearest phone box. Along the way you had to pass a farm, and the local farmers dogs would run out and chase you. Well, me.

I made my first looped audio recordings in that house, recording snatches of audio from one cassette to another. I made the comic I published when I was 13 that got sold in shops and earned me my first fan mail in that house. I read Arkham Asylum in that house. Tomorrow morning the author of that book is flying me to Las Vegas to play his convention. Somewhere, I'm still in that house, cocooned in time. Drawing comics with a quill and ink. Dreaming of cities.

Ah, sweet hiraeth.


The Glory And Wonder Of My New Death's Head Tattoo

Amazingly, it's been six years since I last got a tattoo. I got my first one when I was 16, and intended to cover all of my arms with bits of comics. Tattoos are expensive, however, and until the other day I only had seven, and a mere four split between both arms. Boo!

Since Saturday, however, I am on the road to glory again. Littles took me to his people at Southgate Ink in (duh) Southgate, who looked after me properly and hooked me up with an artwork of great beauty and wonder.

The tattoo I got was something I've wanted since I was a little boy - the cover of one of my favourite comics, Marvel UK's legendary Death's Head number 1. If you remember I did a comic a few years back about Death's Head, how awesome the character was, and why I loved it so. You can read it here.

The image, by the way, was drawn by the brilliant Bryan Hitch. He did it when he was seventeen, something I had no idea about when I was reading the thing aged nine or whatever, and only found out the other day when he told me on Twitter.


SEVENTEEN, and drawing comics professionally! It' something that should be an inspiration to everybody. Here it is:


Yes. I was very excited to finally get this mighty thing on my arm. (I was also excited to see that my comic is in the top column of google image results for Death's head 1!). We downloaded the image, and the good people of Southgate Ink gave me something to smoke while they took that image, and turned it into something tattooable.

That's the first outline. It should be noted that I had them redo the initial transfer/"pencil" outline 4 times until I was happy with the placement of the thing. If you ever get a tattoo make sure you're completely happy with the placement, you're not gonna be able to movre it once it's done, after all...

There we are with the initial inking done. Took about 2 and a half hours under the needle to get to that point. Outlines don't really hurt, in my experience. It's more a dull, buzzy ache. Colouring is a different matter, although Littles claims otherwise, but he would, because he is a Hard Man, obviously.

There I am getting the colour done. That took another couple of hours. It's a beautiful process to observe. As with all colouring, the highlights part is magical.

And there it is, complete, in action (preparing for my set at MorrsionCon inVegas this week, argh!), shiny and resplendent with baby bum cream, which one is advised to apply to the tattoo for a week after completion to aid the healing process. SO BEAUTIFUL! SO EXCITING! SO HANGING IN A MUSEUM WHEN I'M DEAD! WOOO!

I would like to thank Littles, The good people of Southgate Ink who provide a wonderful atmosphere and great artists, and Bryan Hitch and Geoff Senior and Simon Furman, for Death's Head, the greatest Freelance Peacekeeping Agent ever to do it.



Akira The Don Visits Big Narstie In Hospital #PAIN #RAGE #MOULD

As mentioned previously on akirathedon.com, I visited my dear pal Narstie (AKA BANE, AKA SPACE JOCKEY) in hospital he other day. For the good of mankind, i switched the HTC One X's camera on for a short while so that Narstie could drop some necassary wisom on the #PAIN of hospital food and the #DANGER of MOULD, and how it was MOULD not PAGANS, that merked his lungs and put his ass in hospital.

Please enjoy this fine edutainment from LITF. I am going to get back to rehearsing for my set at MORRISONCON in Vegas next week.




REJOICE! Akira The Don Will Be Performing At MORRISONCON!

Ladies and Gs!

It is my great honour to announce that I will be supplying Mercurial Musical Entertainment at the epoch defining MORRISONCON in Las Vegas from September 28th to 30th, 2012.


Grant Morrison! Robert Kirkman! Darick Robertson! Jason Aaron! Jim Lee! Gerard Way! Jonathan Hickman! Frank Quietly! J.H. Williams III, Chris Burnham and now, AKIRA THE DON! What a line up!

Alongside DJing, rapping, and being VERY EXCITED for three days, I will also be chairing a very important and historic panel with the good Dr Morrison. OMFG DOT COM ON A HOVERBOARD BUBBA, SHIT JUST GOT REAL.

"Expect maximum rock 'n' roll, chaos magic, mind-bending esoterica, sharp suits, surprise guests, and once-in-a-lifetime performances, all wrapped up in the glory that is comics, comics, and more comics. " - Grant Morrison

Had you told me back in 2005 when I was recording When We Were Young in New York and reading Grant's The Invisibles and getting into sigil magic that in that most auspicious year, 2012 AD, Grant would be having his own convention in Las Vegas and inviting me to come and play, I'd have probably said, "fucking hell yeah, that is exactly the sort of thing I am expecting to happen in 2012, high fives all round, let us boogie." Had you told me when I was 12, and had just finished reading Arkham Asylum, I would have likely wept.

Well, here we are, 2012 AD, and yes sir, we shall boogie. This, brothers and sisters, is the stuff that dreams are made of. Now go and rob that bank and buy a ticket, I believe there are a couple left.



PS - Roadsigns:


Netflix Cylon Face

OMFG its my face as seen by the crappy front facing camera on my One X. GOOD BLOGGING SIR DON!

Why thank you.

So, I did a pretty random Doncast on Saturday, without much warning. It was fun, actually. I played unreleased music, including a song me and Envy recorded that very afternoon. Did you catch it? Was it fun? Would you like more?

If I have time I hope to do one on my next cross water jaunt in a week and a half. I wonder how any episodes of Battlestar Galactica I'll have watched by then. Since hacking myself a US Netflix line up a few weeks back I've merked my way through 2 seasons. It is some pretty amazing and harcore shit. Synchronistically as ever, it appears to be riffing on astrotheology, something I'd been investigating recently. Anyway, no spoilers please. And fuck Pegasus. Amen.

PS - if you're wondering how to get US Netflix outside of the US, and you haven't worked out how to ask Google, here's a video explaining the process for those that access Netflix via a console (like me, who has it connected to a projector like a boss). It's super easy, just go into the settings and change the DNS codes. These are working well at the moment:



If you use a laptop, a pretty easy way of doing it is to use something like Tunnelbear, which one simply installs, then tells what country one wishes to appear to be browsing from. That thing is also super useful for being able to watch American web based MTV shit like Riff Raff at the VMAs, and The Daily Show.

You're welcome!


PPS - Yes, I know all the text on the site is in italics right now. I haven't worked out how to stop it as of yet...

PPPS - if you missed it in the BlobBlog, I thoroughly recommend the new Lil B record. It sounds like The Lemonheads, which is amazing.


I Will Not Be Appearing At "Steal This Gig" On Saturday

Brothers and sisters,

I am sorry to announce that I can no longer appear at the Steal This Gig event scheduled for this coming Saturday. Apologies to anyone that was going and looking forward to seeing me.

I hope everyone that IS still going has a lovely time. Full gig details including new venue and line up should be over here.

In other news, the V Festival footage is coming together. I sent the first draft to the client yesterday, so we should all be able to marvel at the glory of the Peak Experience soon.

Here is some Peak Experience:

Meanwhile, a cornucopia of collaborative ATD projects are underway. I am currently working on music with humans including, but not limited to:

Envy Issue Time Littles Big Narstie Eddie Argos TKO Capone

I am also working on a number of solo projects. Expect new material for you to get down to shortly...

Finally this, retweeted by Grant Morrison last night, should provide a clue as to what I am going to be doing on the weekend of September 28th...



Prison Teletubby Tattoo Owns Chris Brown Terminator Tattoo

Behold! My tattoo of Po what I got when I was 16 for £15 that was done by some mental bloke who'd just got out of jail and said he learned how to tattoo inside that is EIGHT BILLION TIMES AS GOOD AS THAT CHRIS BROWN TATTOO.

Goddamnit did someone mug dude and force that heinous abomination in the eyes of all that is holy on his wriggling, screaming, trussed up ass? AT GUNPOINT? I think they must have. The poor man. How sad.

In other news, this bafflingly small item of clothing showed up - that fits neither me OR Charlotte - along with a number of similarly small items:

AHAHAHA I JOKE WE ARE NOT BAFFLED WE KNOW WHO IT IS FOR BAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Thank you Nain, I am usuing that comforter as a hat while we await the birth of our Saviour.



NOT PLAYING "STEAL THIS GIG @ Brixton Jamm, Sept 15 2012"


I can no longer appear at this event. Apologies to anyone that was going and looking forward to seeing me. I hope everyone that IS still going has a lovely time. Full gig details including new venue and line up should be here.


RARE LIVE APPEARANCE FROM ATD! I will be doing rapping and playing records. GIven that it's a NYERDISH thang, I will indeed be dropping relevant material, like Street Fighter...


The Pirate Party UK and Scrub Club Records present "Steal This Gig!"

Many more details are incoming. For now, though, we can tell you this:

It takes place at the incredible Brixton Jamm in London. Two rooms, each with a stage filled with 7 hours of music! There will be a "Rock" room and a "Hip Hop" room, although that's really too general to describe the melting pot of genres you will witness!

Price will be £20. You must be 18+ to enter.Chill with the artists, grab photos, and get autographs after their sets at the merch booths, which will be stocked with flavor.All proceeds go directly to the Pirate Party UK, who is putting on this badass event! Check out what they're about here: http://www.pirateparty.org.uk/Confirmed to perform so far (many, many more names to drop as the month goes on - There's some big surprises!):MadHatter (Scrub Club Records - Kansas, USA) http://bit.ly/madhattermusicMC Wreckshin (Scrub Club Records - Florida, USA) http://bit.ly/wreckshinSuperpowerless (Pixel Punk Records - Leeds, England) http://www.superpowerless.co.uk/B-Type (Studio Squish - Sunderland, England) http://b-type.bandcamp.com/Circuit Ben (Noise Merchant - Leeds, England) https://www.facebook.com/pages/Circuit-Ben/135969699789070

For the official page, please watch for updates here: https://conference.pirateparty.org.uk/gig.php


Akira The Don x Method Man & Tom Petty - THE JOINT

Slowly but surely my mission to get my back catalogue on Youtube continues apace... and today the internets may rejoice as I added THE JOINT, one of my favourite works that doesn't have me rapping on it, from ATD10: CLONES, which I made in Los Angeles on an old portable PC computer. SHit sounds as fresh today as it did back in '05.



Meanwhile, on Twitter...


BAD NEWS: Max B Prison Sentence Upheld; Parole Set for 2042

Bad news regarding the wave.

A New Jersey court has upheld the conviction of Harlem rapper Max B.

The state appeals hearing upheld the conviction stemming from Max B’s role in a Fort Lee hotel murder.

According to court documents Max B won’t be eligible for parole for another 30 years, for his part in masterminding a robbery at the Fort Lee Holiday Inn on Route 4, that left a man shot dead.

If the conviction is upheld, Max B won’t leave Trenton State Penitentiary until 2042.

In 2009 Max B, born Charly Wingate, 34, was sentenced to 75 years in 2009 after being convicted of numerous charges, including murder, kidnapping and armed robbery.

Despite the fact that he wasn’t at the hotel, prosecutors said Max B set up the robbery and murder, by getting his step brother and girlfriend to commit the crime.

Max B had already served 8 years in prison when he was released in 2005.

With that insane conviction upheld, Max B won't be eligible for parole until 2042.

Personally I am not giving up hope.

According to Masar, a New York dwelling Fremchman who puts out Max B DVDs and T Shirts and stuff, he has spoken with Max and Max's mother, who confirm, "YES.... his appeal has been denied but it is not over at all, we taking it to the supreme court."



Meanwhile, I went on. On Twitter:

I was rewarded for my efforts by lots of retweets and some trolling from a Twitter account purported to be written by a "bored lawyer" that spends all its time tweeting people who mention Max B with turbo-lame prison rape jokes. That shit is creepy as hell. What possesses people to engage in such anti human weirdo activity anyway? Perhaps this is another example of twitter spam-bot sentience. Or maybe it's an actual human. I feel bad for its mother, whatever it is.





Akira The Don x Footsie - End of The Road

Glory be unto man! Grime Legend and Five Star Newham G Footsie just dropped his genere stretching ZOOT BREAK 2 project, and I am proud to announce that I produced the beautiful and evocative final song, End of The Road. Ch ch ch ch ch-ch check it out!


I told you sloop was the wave! Shout out Brain Wilson, all day ee'rday.

Download the whole projct via SBTV here. It is an amazing, highly skilled, highly accomplished and highly advanced art work. Shout out the main man Footsie, the fine folks at Braindead Entertainment (and their dope ass skull logo), and the producers behind the significant sonics that make this one of the flyest things you'll hear all year, Skitz Beats, FuntCase, and the amazingly monckickred Filth Collins. Oh, and Footsie again of course, cos he's a rapping producer don like me. HIGH FIVES ALL ROUND!

Stream the whole thing below, along with the sample I kicked off End Of The Road with. Oh, and here's me and Foots' last collaboration, the legendary WEIRD AND CREEPY!



Laugh Track

Today I have mostly been trying to learn a piece of software Traktor, which I will be using to DJ at my little brothers wedding on Saturday, and trying to learn my Best Man's Speech, which I'll be using to reduce the four families to tears of joy and laughter at my little brother's wedding on Saturday.

Well, we shall see about that. I have been rehearsing it alone with an online stopclock, and in such a context there are an awful lot of awkward silences. I wonder if there's a laugh track app out there I could use. Not that I have a phone. My replacement HTC One X turned out to be a defective over-sensitive mardy pants into which one couldn't even type a phone number, so I had to send it back.

Never mind that though. In other Big Ass News, we are off to see The Firstborn, AKA The Savior Of Mankind at 3, via the miracle of Hospital Scanning Technology. It's our final scan! I wonder if the little rascal's gonna be upside down again. He was last time, and the nurse made Charlotte jump up and down to try and get him in the correct position but he was having none of it, so she was sent down to the cafe to eat cake and drink coffee, whihc worked, amazingly enough, and we were able to acertain that he had the right ammount of heads and stuff.

Now, I say "he", but we don't actually know the sex, and we're going to leave it to be a surprise, but it seems rude to reffer to The Saviour Of Mankind as "it", and anyway, I think he's a boy, so there.

"By the way, all babies have massive balls, so don't get too excited," warned Charlotte yesterday. I posted it on Twitter. "Did she have massive balls too?" quipped some wag. Oh the hilarity.

That's me up top, by the way. "You were so ugly we had to feed you with a catapult," said my Dad, recently. What a meanerd. I won't say things like that to my son, oh no. And I won't ground him and bar him from going to the school disco for eating ice cream topping out of the bottle either. I remember promising myself at the time. "When I have kids I will never do a horrible stupid thing like that!" I cried aloud in my bedroom. That boy made a lot of promises like that. Well, I haven't let him down yet and I'm not about to start. Ale jaca est.



Godspeed Tony Scott

Tony Scott jumped off a bridge into the great beyond on Sunday.

As the director of pretty much my favourite film (it rotates with Ferris Bueller, Alien and It's A Wonderful Life depending on my mood), the dude changed my life forever. True Romance was the first movie I watched on my first video player in my first bedsit when I was 16, full of wonder and joy for what great romance and adventure the future would hold, and it was the last movie I watched before I got married, sat on my own in the wee hours with a jack and coke and tears streaming down my beautiful face. I quoted from it on the day of my wedding, in the speech I gave about my wife, as she danced around giddily behind me taking photos of our guests.

True Romance is, in my humble opinion, one of those consciousness shifting Alchemical Great Works, like those of Shakespeare and Da Vinchi. It changed the way I saw the world, and my potential within it. It gave colour and sound and form to things I'd always felt, and the inspiration to realise them in 3D.

Top Gun was pretty ace too.

Thank you Tony. Enjoy The Great Adventure.