Gonzales Challenges Andrew WK To A Piano Battle


Hi, my name is Akira The Don, and I bring people together.

From The Quietus:

Let the (piano) dual begin!

Guiness World Record Holding, Grammy nominated, tritesticular funk phenomenon Chilly “Fuckeye” Gonzales has challenged fellow solo piano elpeeist and avant garde long hair Andrew WK to a piano battle in New York next week, The Quietus can exclusively reveal.

Friend of the site and veritable polymath Akira The Don explains:

“This past Monday [September 14th] I was to head down to King’s College to have one of my world famous filmed-sit-downs with Mr Andrew WK. When Chilly Gonzales got wind of this he recorded a masterful video message, challenging Andrew – a fellow solo-piano elpeeist – to a Mighty Dual in New York next week, and sent it to me. That afternoon, I played Andrew the message, and… well, you can see for yourselves.”

The Quietus is overjoyed to confirm that Andrew has accepted Gonzales’ challenge which will take part in Joe’s Pub, NYC, Spetember 25. Watch this space for more details.

The full interview, in which Akira and Andrew discuss 55 Cadillac, giant robots, steam theory, and the mysterious and evil forces conspiring to stop the long-haired rocker from releasing records will be on The Quetus next week.

All I’m saying is someone needs to get me a ticket to this moment of HISTORY! Damn!

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— Thursday, September 17th, 2009

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  • Richard from Illinois

    This… is… going to be AMAZING!!!!

    • Akira The Don

      Hell yeah it is!

  • DR.G

    whatsthe song called that hes playing in the vid?

  • BJ

    someone buy the don a ticket, for goodness sake.

    he deserves one.

  • Mark

    This need to be documented, every audience member needs to be armed with a camcorder

  • http://twitter.com/laurenkish Lauren

    Ridiculously amazing. Best coming together since god knows when.

  • http://www.cannonballpr.com jamie

    Akira, this looks awesome! u rocked the acting world last night and i hope NYC treats u like the don you are.

    Can't even decide who i want to win the battle between gonzales and WK – may the best man win i guess!

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