ATD16 – The Don

Akira The Don

  • Uploaded on
    September 22, 2008
  • Recorded at
    Don Studios IV
  • Produced by
    Akira The Don & a ton of American Geniuses
  • Mixed by
    Akira The Don


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  • http://www.myspace.com/djcityscape DJ CityScape

    aww damn. this means acapellas soon. I'm excited.


  • The Badsnake

    Eleven In My Mind Still :p

    That Twinz line is all kinds of

    Nice work Akirus

  • P$

    I like it. Shout out the office listening crew.

  • Legion

    Best Mixtape I've heard since the DJ Drama/Ludacris one quite a while back, the new album title's awesome also!

  • http://ibanter.co.uk David G Smith

    Got my pre-ordered copy of 'ATD16 – The Don' in the post this morning and I've got to tell you all… it's F**KING great stuff!!!

    Well done again, ATD…

  • Pel

    Got my copy… good stuff.

  • Moose

    This has been on loop on my iPod continuously.

    Akira, this is the bee's bollocks!


  • http://cybermonkeystudios.com Zeph

    This is what happened last time, I check your site and see how everyone is loving their pre ordered mixtape and mine still ain't here! I fucking hate Canada Post! >:(

  • http://www.myspace.com/djcityscape DJ CityScape

    same here zeph…. I'm all the way in san francisco.

  • Karl

    Ditto for Norway!

  • Karl

    Yay yay, hip hip hooray!

    My package has arrived today,

    I'm now all happy with smiles of joy!

    I feel like such a lucky boy!

    A lovely T-shirt, just for me

    and the brand new mix CD!

    I'm listening now with my new tee on

    and truly,

    we are all…THE DON!

  • Akira The Don

    That’s been my favourite slogan to paint so far Karl….


    I am having an Andrew WK day. Who’s with me?!

  • Karl

    Cool, I think my pop’s was pretty good too – I IS THE DON.
    And what about my lovely poem? Yeah OK, not up to your standard of rhyming but still, spur of the moment, not bad!
    Didn’t seem to be any cartoon or signed poster in with my package though as per you pre-order promise?!

  • http://thesvenhunter.blogspot.com thesvenhunter the Do

    I am the Don. But I don't have a T-shirt. I want a T-shirt.

  • Will

    Hazy Shade of Winter godammit! I knew it would come to me.

    Wicked work, ATD. Bloody lovely mixtape.

    Every day is AWK day. I was at a band audition the other day and someone popped in on their way to see him at Madame JoJos to pick up a fat one for AWK to blaze pre-show.

  • http://thesvenhunter.blogspot.com thesvenhunter the Don
  • http://thesvenhunter.blogspot.com thesvenhunter the Do

    there's also a live review of the following evening's event:


  • Dave The Don

    Yes ATD! Seeing my t on here made my life! ATD16 is EPIC! I love Akira The Don! Wooooo!

  • James The Don

    haha. After seeing the post above I couldn't help but throw I Get Wet in for a bit. Back to The Don now though. As always it's awesome! Going to be on repeat for a long, long time.

  • Sophie

    it is seriously awesome

  • cripesonfriday

    Got it this morning, lovely penmanship I have to say, Gracie will be thrilled in later life to see a cd with multi million selling artiste extraordinaire Akira The Don's own handwritten sleeve with her name on.

    Great album too BTW

  • SG


    mine come on saturday.

    100% awesomeness.

  • ben groover

    aay aahy wha gah dud-t F ATD isnt on itunes….. gah lol all thats on itunes is a rather old album.

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  • http://www.codexmachine.co.uk Ms Codex

    A brilliant collection of tracks, as usual (having a lot of fun with the sample spotting).

    And big thanks for the additional artwork!

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  • Deskie

    oi. your vocals miss the tune a lil bit here n there akira..a little flat. mad beats all around though. sounds good

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  • Dark Enigma

    Hey Adam, gotta thank you for this album personally, so many heart hitting songs on this one. “My life” and “bladed” really hit me. thanks for bringing this album out!

    you gotta do a remix to Toto – Africa!